How do I become a Solane dealer?

How do I become a Solane dealer?

To apply, simply send a message to Solane via their official Facebook Messenger (, accomplish the application form, submit a valid ID and overseas employment certificate, and you’re on your way to a good business opportunity.

Who owns Solane gas?

Isla Petroleum and Gas Corporation
Solane is the brand given to the former Shellane by Isla Petroleum and Gas Corporation, a Filipino-Japanese partnership, after acquiring the product from Shell.

Is Solane Gas Safe?

LPG is a versatile yet highly flammable fuel. To keep it safe and useful, always take good care of it and observe proper handling and storage. With the Hatid Bahay service, Solane LPG provides the exclusive and free 7-point Safety Check to all its home delivery customers nationwide.

What gas is Solane?

Liquid petroleum gas
Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) supplier Solane seized P113,480 worth of illegally refilled tanks and other items in two Albay municipalities last month, the brand said through its public relations agency on Friday.

How much is LPG gas franchise?

How to franchise M-GAS LPG Retail: Franchise Fee: Php100,000.00. Total Investment: Php335,000.00 to Php370,000.00 (inclusive of Franchise Fee)

Is LPG gas business profitable in Philippines?

Franchising an LPG business, particularly Petron, which is one of the longest running fuel business in the Philippines, can be a profitable venture for you and the return of investment will be worth the capital you spend.

What is LPG gas?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), also called LP gas, any of several liquid mixtures of the volatile hydrocarbons propene, propane, butene, and butane. A typical commercial mixture may also contain ethane and ethylene, as well as a volatile mercaptan, an odorant added as a safety precaution.

What is shellane?

I think virtually all homes and commercial establishments uses LPG (liquid petroleum gas) in tanks. The brand I recognize the most is Shellane, referring to both the brand as well as the lpg tank itself. Shellane is now known as Solane, which is virtually the same brand we love and trust.

How long does Solane tank last?

11. How long can we use an lpg tank, hose, and regulator before they reach expiration? An LPG tank lasts until its next requalification date. An AS / POL regulator on the other hand lasts up to 5 years while an LPG hose lasts up to 3 years.

What are the different types of gas regulators?

Bull Nose Gas Regulator

  • Bull Nose Gas Regulator. Bullnose, or POL (Prest-O-Lite Company) regulators are used with propane gas cylinders.
  • Clip-On Gas Regulator.
  • Bolt-On Gas Regulator.
  • Campingaz Gas Regulator.
  • Changeover Gas Regulator.

How do I start an LPG gas business?

Eligibility criteria to apply for LPG distributorship

  1. Be an Indian citizen and be a resident of India.
  2. Have passed minimum Xth standard examination or equivalent from a recognised Board.
  3. Be not less than 21 years and not more than 60 years in age as on the date of advertisement.

Is LPG gas distribution profitable?

Given the distribution margin of Rs 44 per cylinder, that’s an income of R7. 3 lakh per month. For an average distributor selling, say 6-8,000 cylinders a month, once costs are accounted for, profits don’t add up to more than R1 lakh a month.