Who are the leading sofa manufacturers in Malaysia?

Who are the leading sofa manufacturers in Malaysia?

Future Sofa Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia’s leading leather sofa and fabric sofa manufacturer specializing in modern leather sofa including leather sofas, fabric sofas and sofa beds.

Which is the best brand of leather furniture?

In fact, their leathers offered are often unmatched in the industry. From the rich and famous, to the everyday individual looking for leather furniture, you will find McKinley Leather will fit any leather needs that you have. They never cut corners on their products and it shows, as only quality products are delivered to your home or office.

Which is the best sofa fabric in the world?

Our main products consist of Leather Sofa PVC and Soft Fabric for Sofas, Car Seats Upholstering, Furniture Threading, Canvas for Trucks and Sofa Legs and Furniture Fabric Stitching Accessories. The two flagship brands that we distribute are FROCA Fabric from Spain and Strongbow Threading.

What’s the phone number for fine leather furniture?

Even if you don’t see a brand listed call us, we try to stay educated about our competition. Toll Free: 1-800-262-1049. We are extremely familiar with each and every line listed and welcome any questions about any of our fine leather furniture brands and manufacturers.

When did abitex start making sofas in Malaysia?

Since 1985, Abitex Sofas has been creating comfortable, durable, and stylish furniture for homes and offices in Malaysia. As a sofa manufacturer in Malaysia, we use the latest technology and time-tested manufacturing methods that offer you a variety of choices for your sofa, sectional, or chair that fits your taste in furniture and lifestyle.

What are the different types of sectional sofas?

There are two types of sectional sofas: (1) the U-shaped, and (2) the L-shaped A chesterfield sofa is known for its signature “tuft” or “quilted” style. Chesterfield sofas can have its tufted design on the arm rests at the back or both. Picture a wide kitchen chair, that’s a settee sofa.