Who got evicted first on Big Brother?

Who got evicted first on Big Brother?

Ultimately, by a unanimous vote of 13-0, Keesha was the first HouseGuest evicted.

Who won Big Brother 2002 UK?

Kate Lawler
As with the previous two series, Big Brother 3 lasted 64 days. It launched on Channel 4 on 24 May 2002 and ended on 26 July 2002….Big Brother (British series 3)

Big Brother
No. of days 64
No. of housemates 14
Winner Kate Lawler
Runner-up Jonathon Regan

Who was in the Big Brother house in 2002?

Big Brother contestants 2002: Jade Goody, Kate Lawler and Alison Hammond. Who were the housemates in BB3? One name stands out from the crowd in this gaggle of Big Brother contestants – Jade Goody.

What happened to Alex Sibley?

Alex Sibley Alex finished in third place in the series, winning 27 per cent of the vote. After leaving the show, he was offered a number of telly deals – including his own Nickelodeon show. However, he was involved in a car accident two years later.

Who voted to evict Alyssa?

Xavier stayed true to their friendship by voting to evict Kyland, although it was only because he knew the others would be voting for Alyssa, and wanted her to know he’d been her genuine friend. By a vote of 3 to 1, Alyssa got the boot. However, with Alyssa now evicted, The Cookout has succeeded in making history!

Will mega bb1?

Will aka “Mega” was a politician in Philadelphia before becoming the first House Guest voted off on Season 1. After the show, he returned to his political roots, even running for Philadelphia City Council at one point (though he did not win).

Who were the first Big Brother contestants?

Forty thousand people applied to participate in the first series. These were whittled down to ten contestants: Nick Bateman, Andrew Davidson, Melanie Hill, Nichola Holt, Thomas McDermott, Anna Nolan, Caroline O’Shea, Craig Phillips, Darren Ramsay and Sada Wilkington.

Who did Alex date in Big Brother?

Alex married Katie Price in Las Vegas one month after coming out of the Celebrity Big Brother house and seven months after they’d begun dating.

Are Paul and Helen from Big Brother still together?

After the show she made some TV appearances, on Loose Women, GMTV, and as a celeb chef on Ready, Steady, Cook. She also released an exercise DVD, called Dance Workout with Helen. She is now married, and has a little girl. Paul, from Reading, has remained out of the spotlight since his BB stint.

Does Alyssa get evicted?