Who is wife of Sushil Kumar Modi?

Who is wife of Sushil Kumar Modi?

Sushil Kumar Modi
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s) Jessie George ​ ( m. 1987)​
Children 2
Residence Patna, Bihar, India

Where was Sushil Modi born?

Patna, India
Sushil Kumar Modi/Place of birth

How old is Sushil Modi?

69 years (January 5, 1952)
Sushil Kumar Modi/Age

What is the cast of Sushil Modi?

Sushil Modi was born on 5 January 1952 in a Marwari (Vaishya Bania) family. His father was Moti Lal Modi and his mother was Ratna Devi. He has done BSc from B N College, Patna.

Is Sushil Kumar JAAT?

Born in a Jat family, Sushil Kumar comes from the village Baprola in South West Delhi. Kumar’s father Diwan Singh was a DTC bus driver and mother Kamla Devi a housewife.

At what age Modi entered politics?

Modi was sworn in as Chief Minister on 7 October 2001, and entered the Gujarat state legislature on 24 February 2002 by winning a by-election to the Rajkot – II constituency, defeating Ashwin Mehta of the INC by 14,728 votes.

What does Sushil Kumar do now?

SUSHIL MOVED TO MUMBAI TO BECOME A FILMMAKER He said that he moved to Mumbai to become a filmmaker.

Why was Sushil Kumar killed?

Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar killed a fellow wrestler because his ego was bruised by rumours of his diminishing clout and he wanted to re-establish his authority among younger athletes, alleged the police in a charge sheet submitted to a Delhi court on Monday.

Who is the 14th prime minister of India?


No. Name Length of term
Longest continuous term
13 Chandra Shekhar 223 days
14 Charan Singh 170 days
Acting Gulzarilal Nanda 13 days