What are the culture of West Bengal?

What are the culture of West Bengal?

West Bengal is famous for its culture and festivals are an inevitable part of this culture. Other major festivals are Kali Puja, Diwali, Holi, Saraswati Puja, Jagaddhatri Puja, Rath Jatra, Kojagori Lakshmi Puja, Vishwakarma Puja, Poush Parbon, Poila Boishakh, Christmas.

What is the art and culture of West Bengal?

Due to the reign of many different rulers in the past, arts and crafts in West Bengal underwent many changes giving an artistic diversity today in the forms of traditional handicrafts, terracotta, painting and carving, dance, music except of natural beauty and glorious past the state has the strong hold of art and …

What is the main dress of West Bengal?

Saree is the signature traditional attire for the women in West Bengal. The saree captures the very essence of the culturally infused state West Bengal is. Even the saree draping style of Bengali women is quite distinct and has become more of a distinguishing feature now.

What is special about Bengali girls?

Bengali girls have the most beautiful eyes ever. You can literally drown in them. Right from childhood she has been trained in dance, singing, art and every creative thing possible. She loves her man a tad too much, but at the same time is fiercely independent too.

What is the Speciality of West Bengal?

West Bengal is the second largest tea-producing state in India and is home to the globally acclaimed Darjeeling tea variety. Its location advantage makes the state a traditional market for eastern India, the Northeast, Nepal, and Bhutan. It is also a strategic entry point for markets in Southeast Asia.

Why is Kolkata so poor?

This extreme form of poverty in Kolkata stems from several factors. The partition of Bengal in 1947 left raw material suppliers of commodities like Jute in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) and the mills in West Bengal, particularly around Kolkata which was then a flourishing port.

Is Bangladesh richer than West Bengal?

According to the data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bangladesh’s per capita GDP was $1,905 in 2019, against West Bengal’s $1,566 in 2018-19 (FY19) — economically the most developed state in eastern India.

What is the main food of West Bengal?

Rice and Fish are the staple food of West Bengal. Since the Bengal region never had locals and tribal who were huntsmen, rather most of the population had remained agrarian over the course of time.