How to enable resizing in CKEDITOR?

How to enable resizing in CKEDITOR?

This plugin allows you to resize the classic editor instance by dragging the resize handle (◢) located in the bottom right (or bottom left in the Right-to-Left mode) corner of the editor. It can be configured to make the editor resizable only in one direction (horizontally, vertically) or in both.

How to reduce size of CKEDITOR?

Besides defining a default size of the editor window you can also change the size of a CKEditor 4 instance on the fly. To achieve this, use the editor. resize() method to define the dimensions of the editor interface, assigning the window a width and height value in pixels or CSS-accepted units.

How to set width of CKEDITOR?

js file will set the values for every instance of the editor. To set the value for each individual instance you can do something like: CKEDITOR. replace(“InstanceName”, { resize_enabled:false;height:300;width:700});

How do you increase Ckeditor height?

The CKEDITOR. config. height option sets the height of the editing area with CKEditor 4 content — it does not include the toolbar or the bottom bar. This configuration option accepts an integer (to denote a value in pixels) or any CSS-defined length unit except percent ( % ) values which are not supported.

How do I change the default height in Ckeditor?

Re: How to change/increase the default height of ckeditor js file and type: config. height = 500; Of course replace 500 by the value you need.

How do you change the height of CK editor?

ckeditor(function(){ var set_editor_height = $(‘#parent_container’). height() $(‘. cke_contents’). css({ ‘height’: set_editor_height }); });

How do I import images into ckeditor 5?

In a properly configured editor, there are several ways for the end user to insert images:

  1. Pasting it from the clipboard.
  2. Dragging a file from the file system.
  3. Selecting it through a file system dialog.
  4. Selecting it from a media management tool in your application.