Did NBC lose money on the Olympics?

Did NBC lose money on the Olympics?

In 2016, the ratings fell 9% and NBC still turned a $250 million profit from the games, a record. “So net-net, with all of this bad luck, we’re going to be profitable on the Olympics, which we’re very happy with, and we’re very happy with the product,” Shell said.

Is Olympic viewership declining?

Olympics ratings in general have been declining for years. Amid the pandemic, major sports leagues and award shows have also seen viewership numbers crater.

What is NBC Olympic coverage?

NBC paid $7.75 billion to the International Olympic Committee for the broadcast rights in a deal that will run through the 2032 Olympics. The deal covers six Olympics, from 2021 to 2032, and gives NBC rights to all media platforms including TV, internet and mobile.

Why are Olympic ratings down?

Primetime viewership for the Tokyo Olympics plummeted more than 40% from the last Summer Games, NBC said Monday, wrapping up two weeks of competition marred by a pandemic, a 13-hour time difference and broad shifts in TV viewers’ habits.

How bad is NBC Olympic coverage?

In primetime during the Tokyo Olympics, NBC averaged 15.5 total viewers and 15.1 million TV only viewers, a notable decline from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics which had averaged 27.5 million viewers and 25.8 million, respectively. …

Why is the Olympics always on NBC?

Amid competing bids by Fox Sports and ABC/ESPN Inc., NBC renewed its rights to the Olympics across all platforms through 2020 in a deal worth $4.38 billion—the most expensive contract for Olympic media rights to-date. In May 2014, NBCUniversal extended its rights through 2032, paying $7.75 billion.

How bad are the Olympic TV ratings?

NBC Touts A Silver Lining In Historically Low Viewership For The Tokyo Olympics Average prime time viewership was just 15.5 million people, down from an average 26.7 million for the Rio Games in 2016. But NBC’s broadcast ratings ranked second only to its Sunday Night Football.

How can I watch NBC primetime Olympics?

NBC is home to the Olympics, so tune into your local NBC station for primetime coverage. Programing will also be featured on NBC Sports Network, USA, CNBC, the NBC Olympics Channel, the Golf Channel and Telemundo. Or viewers can stream the Games at Peacock, NBCOlympics.com and NBC Sports.com.

How bad are the Olympic ratings?