How can I get admission in Korean university?

How can I get admission in Korean university?

Application for university

  1. Select Course.
  2. STEP2. Select University and Major Study.
  3. Fill in an Admission Application.
  4. Upload Additional Documents.
  5. Final Verification.

How can I apply for free university in Korea?

You can study in Korea for free by getting SNU scholarships. After admission, a student may opt to apply for the Glo-Harmony Scholarship, which is open to students from developing countries. Apart from covering full tuition fees, it also comes with a living expense allowance of 600,000 KRW.

Is SNU good for international students?

According to the international ratings Seoul National University is the leading university of South Korea and a desirable place to study for the majority of students. The university is famous for its high education quality ranking in the top 100 in the international rating.

Is it hard to get into university in Seoul?

Korea University is very hard for Korean students to get admission. You need to be at least top 1% of all the students in Korea to get accepted into Korea University. So, it is estimated that the undergraduate international students’ acceptance rate is around 25% for Korea University. …

What do I need to apply for Korean student visa?

The application for student visa (D-2) requires a number of documents like the Certificate of Admission (CoA), which will be issued by the International Education Team at Korea University.

How to apply for Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea?

1. Specialized intensive language classes aimed at university lecture attendance 2. Through reinforcement of general education courses, make GLD students improve their communication ability suitable for Korean society. 3. Individualized and specialized curriculum designed for each student through specialized academic and counseling program 4.

Who are the teachers at the Korean Language Institute?

All of the teachers at the Korean Language Institute hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Korean and possess a range of knowledge about Korean culture and teaching foreign students. Due to their background, each of the teachers is especially equipped to help students learn in an efficient and engaging environment.

What do you need to stay in Korea?

Proof of Final Academic Credentials and Financial Statement (ex. bank account, scholarship, etc.) which serves as proof of student’s budget for expenses while staying in Korea are needed too. Keep in mind that these documents may take a long time to be issued, and additional requirements may be asked of you during the process.