Where to get Xorothian Stardust?

Where to get Xorothian Stardust?

This part is very simple. After doing Lord Banehollows quest which deals with killing Ulathek, you return to him to complete the quest which takes you to this new quest. All you do is buy the Stardust for 150g off of Ur’dan, which is right beside Lord Banehollow.

Where is Ulathek the traitor?

Ulathek is at 40.48 in small room across short bridge. You go left at this bridge when heading for Lord Banehollow.

How do I get to Lord Banehollow?

This is what you should do:

  1. Buy Potions from the Goblin.
  2. Go to Jaedenar in Felwood (bring at least 150G with you).
  3. Enter Jaedenar’s Northwest tunnel that you can see on your map.
  4. Drink the potion as fast as you see an enemy.
  5. Follow the road inside the tunnel until you get to the Dreadlord Lord Banehollow.

Where is mor Zul Bloodbringer?

Burning Steppes
Mor’zul Bloodbringer is a level 61 quest giver located just west of the Altar of Storms in the contested territory of Burning Steppes.

How many shadowy potions do I need?

When I purchased a single shadowy potion it gave me one potion with 3 charges. With this in mind you do not need to buy multiple, you get 3 charges you’ll be fine, you only need to buy one.

Where is Shadow Hold in felwood?

Entrance to Shadow Hold. Shadow Hold, located in western Felwood, is the main dwelling of the Shadow Council. It is a subterranean labyrinth roamed by Jaedenar warlocks and their demonic pets.

Where is ur Dan Wow classic?

Shadow Hold
Ur’dan is at 36,44 at the very end of Shadow Hold next to Lord Banehollow.

Where is Jaedenar Classic?

Jaedenar is an enclave of the Shadow Council in Felwood. The mortal of highest rank at the site is the orc warlock Fel’dan.

How do you get Dreadsteed TBC?

Simply kill Lord Hel’nurath, then speak to the Dreadsteed Spirit. Upon speaking to the Dreadsteed Spirit, you will be able to complete the quest Dreadsteed of Xoroth which will grant the spell Dreadsteed.

How much does Dreadsteed cost?

This will cost you 150 gold. Once you have the Stardust in hand, return to Gorzeeki in the Burning Steppes. He’ll give you a quest item that you’ll need to use next to the alchemy station in the Scholomance dungeon.

Which Dire Maul is Dreadsteed?

You will still need to complete all the steps of the quest until you have the one titled “Dreadsteed of Xoroth”, which is the one that requires you to enter Dire Maul and summon the spirit.

What is in a Shadow Hold?

Shadow Hold, located in western Felwood, is a former night elf barrow den which now serves as the Shadow Council’s stronghold on Azeroth. It is a gigantic subterranean labyrinth roamed by Jaedenar warlocks and their demonic pets. The satyr Prince Xavalis and dreadlord Lord Banehollow also reside here.

Where to get xorothian Stardust in World of Warcraft?

Purchase Xorothian Stardust from Ur’dan. Bring it to Gorzeeki Wildeyes in the Burning Steppes. So you come to me seeking Xorothian stardust? You wish to open a portal to Xoroth, the domain of Hel’nurath my rival? Perhaps you plan to steal from him one of his precious dreadsteeds? Very well. My servant Ur’dan has a supply of Xorothian stardust.

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