What is Session interface in hibernate?

What is Session interface in hibernate?

– The Session interface is the primary interface used by hibernate applications. – It is a single-threaded, short-lived object representing a conversation between the application and the persistent store. – It allows you to create query objects to retrieve persistent objects.

What is the use of Session in hibernate?

A Session is used to get a physical connection with a database. The Session object is lightweight and designed to be instantiated each time an interaction is needed with the database. Persistent objects are saved and retrieved through a Session object.

What is Session get method in hibernate?

In session. get(), Hibernate will hit the database to retrieve the Stock object and put it as a reference to StockTransaction.

Is Hibernate session AutoCloseable?

If you take a look at newer versions of Hibernate, however, you’ll find that both SessionFactory and Session do implement the AutoCloseable interface there.

Can I reuse the Session in hibernate?

Obviously, you can. A hibernate session is more or less a database connection and a cache for database objects. And you can have multiple successive transactions in a single database connection. Whether you should or not is a matter of reusing objects from session.

Is Session interface class?

Interface Session. The main runtime interface between a Java application and Hibernate. This is the central API class abstracting the notion of a persistence service. The lifecycle of a Session is bounded by the beginning and end of a logical transaction.

Do we need to close hibernate Session?

Since this session object belongs to the hibernate context, we don’t need to close it. Once the session factory is closed, this session object gets closed. Hibernate Session objects are not thread safe, so we should not use it in multi-threaded environment.

What is difference between load and get in hibernate?

Difference Between get() and load() in Hibernate In hibernate, get() and load() are two methods which is used to fetch data for the given identifier. Get() method return null, If no row is available in the session cache or the database for the given identifier whereas load() method throws object not found exception.

What are the session methods?

org.hibernate Interface Session

Method Summary
void update(Object object) Update the persistent instance with the identifier of the given detached instance.
void update(String entityName, Object object) Update the persistent instance with the identifier of the given detached instance.

How do you close a session in hibernate?

4 Answers

  1. if you use sessionFactory. getCurrentSession() , you’ll obtain a “current session” which is bound to the lifecycle of the transaction and will be automatically flushed and closed when the transaction ends (commit or rollback).
  2. if you decide to use sessionFactory.

What is Hibernate session factory?

SessionFactory: SessionFactory is an Interface which is present in org. hibernate package and it is used to create Session Object. It is immutable and thread-safe in nature. buildSessionFactory() method gathers the meta-data which is in the cfg Object.