How do you calculate fertilizer per acre?

How do you calculate fertilizer per acre?

Calculate the fertilizer cost per acre. (Commercial fertilizer cost per ton ÷ acres per ton = fertilizer cost per acre.) $190 ÷ 18.3 acres per ton = $10.38 per acre. $240 ÷ 13.6 = $17.65 per acre.

How much fertilizer do farmers use per acre?

by Keith Baldwin, CFSA’s Farm Services Coordinator Usually, the amount that the report recommends is 50 lbs/acre. Or, if you’re a small grower, it will recommend (the roughly equivalent) rate of one pound of N per 1,000 square feet.

How do you calculate fertilizer cost?

First, calculate the pounds of N in the fertilizer: 2,000 lbs fertilizer x 0.45 = 900 lbs N. Next, calculate the cost per pound of N: $300 / 900 lbs N = $. 33/lb N. A guaranteed analysis must be given for every fertilizer material sold in Colorado.

How much fertilizer do you put on alfalfa?

Newly seeded alfalfa can benefit from 10-15 lb of nitrogen fertilizer per acre to ensure a good start, particularly on sandy or low organic matter sites and with early spring plantings into cold soils.

What is the formula for fertilizer?

All fertilizer labels have three bold numbers. The first number is the amount of nitrogen (N), the second number is the amount of phosphate (P2O5) and the third number is the amount of potash (K2O). These three numbers represent the primary nutrients (nitrogen(N) – phosphorus(P) – potassium(K)).

What is the cheapest nitrogen fertilizer?

Urea (46-0-0) usually has the lowest cost per pound of nitrogen compared to other single-element nitrogen fertilizers.

How much fertilizer do I need for 1 acre of corn?

For corn, if the fertility level is good, a small amount of fertilizer (about 100 pounds of starter per acre) will provide an adequate starter response. Do not apply more than 70 pounds of N + K2O per acre if the fertilizer is placed approximately 2 inches away from the seed.

How much fertilizer do I need for 1 acre food plot?

We recommend the equivalent of 300 pounds per acre. Stay on top of it. If you spread the fertilizer before you plant, do not plow it very deep into the soil. Anything deeper than the top 1-3 inches of the soil will be wasted.

What is the best fertilizer to put on alfalfa?

PURDUE EXTENSION Fertilizing alfalfa with phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) can increase yield and stand longevity. However, to maximize production and profitability, it is important to adjust fertilizer rates to meet the specific nutritional needs of plants in each field.

What is the average yield of alfalfa per acre?

The average total yield is 20-35 tons per hectare (or 8-14 tons per acre) per year (distributed in 5-6 cuts). Top yields (intensive farming) can exceed 40 tons per hectare or 16 tons per acre per year.

What is fertilizer give example?

Ammoniacal Nitrate Amide fertilizer
Ammonium Sulphate Ammonium chloride Anhydrous ammonia Sodium Nitrate Calcium Nitrate Potassium Nitrate Urea Calcium Cynamide