What is nickel oxide nanoparticles?

What is nickel oxide nanoparticles?

Nickel oxide nanoparticles are an anti-ferromagnetic material of the NaCl structure with p-type semiconductor. The synthesis was achieved by using Nickel (II) nitrate hexahydrate ((NiNO3)2. 6H2O) as the precursor and citric acid as solvent. The nickel oxide calcinations temperature has been investigated.

Is NiO toxic?

Using growth inhibition assay, NiO NPs can be classified as toxic. The toxic effects observed in P. subcapitata were mainly caused by the Ni2+ released by the NPs.

What is NiO material?

Nickel oxide (NiO) is an intrinsic p-type semiconductor with a wide band gap and good thermal and chemical stability. NiO has been employed as photocathode material in p-type DSSCs, tandem DSSCs and as a hole collector in organic bulk heterojunction and perovskite heterojunction solar cells.

How do you make nickel oxide?

Production. NiO can be prepared by multiple methods. Upon heating above 400 °C, nickel powder reacts with oxygen to give NiO. In some commercial processes, green nickel oxide is made by heating a mixture of nickel powder and water at 1000 °C, the rate for this reaction can be increased by the addition of NiO.

Where is nickel oxide used?

Nickel oxide has a range of applications such as: For making electrical ceramics such as thermistors and varistors e.g. ferrites (nickel zinc ferrite) Pigments for ceramic, glasses and glazes.

What Colour is nickel oxide?


Is NiO conductive?

NiO is almost nonconductive at negative potentials and becomes conductive at positive potentials.

Is NiO magnetic?

NiO has been used as a magnetic material, a material for electrochromic display devices, in catalysis, as an electrode material and as a functional layer material for chemical sensors [44], [45], [46], [47], [48]. Bulk NiO has a cubic (NaCl-type) structure with a lattice parameter of 0.4177 nm [49].

Is NiO ceramic?

Nickel Oxide (Green), NiO or Ni(ii) oxide, is an inorganic metal oxide that is used in the production of nickel alloys, salts, catalysts, fuel cells and other chemicals. Like nickel oxide- black, green nickel oxide is also a ceramic glaze colorant and color softener.

What is the name for NiO?

Nickel oxide
Nickel oxide | NiO – PubChem.

What is the charge of nickel in NiO?

3.1Computed Properties

Property Name Property Value Reference
Formal Charge 0 Computed by PubChem
Complexity 2 Computed by Cactvs (PubChem release 2021.05.07)
Isotope Atom Count 0 Computed by PubChem
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count 0 Computed by PubChem

Does nickel form an oxide layer?

Nickel is known to form only one oxide which exhibits a small range of non-stoichiometry, Ni1-xO, this oxide behaves as a p-type semiconductor [1], [2], [3]. The oxidation of homogenous pure nickel substrates over the temperature range 700–1100 °C yields an adherent protective layer of nickel oxide [5], [6].