Is Pacific Rim a good wine?

Is Pacific Rim a good wine?

Excellent for sweet lovers Sweet, smooth, and very, very good if you like sweet wine. I would buy and serve this over and over.

Where is Pacific Rim wine from?

Our vineyards are in the Yakima and Horse Heaven Hills AVAs within the larger Columbia Valley AVA of Washington State.

Who makes Pacific Rim Wine?

Pacific Rim Winemakers is a Washington winery owned by the Mariani Family (who are also owners of Castello Banfi in Tuscany, and of import firm Banfi Vintners, based on Long Island, New York). It was founded by Randall Grahm (also owner of Bonny Doon Vineyard in California) in 1992.

What kind of wine is Pacific Rim?

Pacific Rim sweet Riesling is sourced from the Columbia valley, WA. ! 00% Riesling. Pale gold with wonderfully aromatic notes of honey, pear and orange blossom. Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling is moderately sweet with bright acidity.

Why is it called Pacific Rim?

“Pacific Rim” is a description of a region, not a group or organization. The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest ocean, so a very large number of countries border it and it can thus be considered part of the region.

How many carbs are in Pacific Rim Riesling?

White Wine Carb Chart

Sauvignon Blanc 3g per 5 oz.
Pinot blanc 3.8g
Riesling 5.5g
Rose 5.8g
White Zinfandel 5.8g

What does Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling taste like?

Tasting Notes Color: Pale gold. Bouquet: Honey, pear and orange blossom. Taste: Sweet, bright acidity with pineapple and white peach. Food Pairing Ideal with fiery fare – especially Thai, Szechwan, Mexican, Middle Eastern and Caribbean cuisine.

How many calories are in Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling?

On average, there are about 120 calories in a glass of Riesling.

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