How do I become a police officer in Surrey BC?

How do I become a police officer in Surrey BC?

Minimum requirements

  1. A valid Class 5 BC driver’s license.
  2. Certified in First Responder or standard first aid and CPR.
  3. High school graduate with at least one year of post-secondary education.
  4. A minimum level of post-secondary education in any field.

Is Surrey getting rid of RCMP?

Incoming city service will completely replace local RCMP after initial transition period. Fifty officers hired by the new Surrey Police Service will be hitting the city’s streets this November, according to a statement from the newly established force.

How many officers are in Surrey police?


Surrey Police
Police officers 2,134 (including 141 special constables) (September 2020)
Police community support officers 156 (September 2020)
Police and crime commissioner responsible Lisa Townsend
Agency executive Gavin Stephens, Chief constable

How many days do cops work?

Many rosters will use ten hour shifts meaning you only work 4 out of 7 days in the week, effectively giving you a whole extra day free each week.

How many RCMP are in Surrey?

Surrey has the largest RCMP detachment in all of Canada with over 1000 police officers, support staff and volunteers.

How many RCMP are there in Surrey?

What jobs can I do in the police force?


  • Police Officers – specialist roles, gaining a promotion or joining up.
  • Police Community Support Officer.
  • Specials.
  • Scenes of Crime Investigators.
  • Fingerprint Officer.
  • Civilian Investigation Officers (CIOs)
  • Police Intelligence.
  • Crime Analysts.

What do I need to do to become a police officer in Surrey?

As part of the Police Officer application process, you are currently required to complete a Police Law and Community Course. We are aware that this is self financing, but need to point out that successful completion of this course does not guarantee you a job offer with Surrey Police.

Why is it important for Surrey Police to hire staff?

Hiring the right staff is a crucial next step in building a new policing service for Surrey. We are taking a strategic and phased approach to hiring the right people for key positions and programs and we continue to develop timely communication to inform interested applicants.

What are the values of the Surrey Police?

Our Values Values of Honour, Integrity, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Inclusiveness guide how we serve our residents, engage with our community, and work with each other to keep our community safe. These values are the foundation of our commitment to deliver excellence in policing services to Surrey’s citizens.

What do people services do for the police?

People Services supports front-line policing by making the best use of our people resources, providing professional guidance and expertise on HR and Learning and Development matters. Corporate Communications produce accessible and timely communications via a range of channels to support the Force’s strategic priorities.