Can you reuse Disney Resort cups?

Can you reuse Disney Resort cups?

Your mug is good for the length of your stay. When returning, you will need to purchase a new mug. Your previous mug cannot be reused nor can it be reprogrammed for the new visit.

Are Disneyland souvenir cups refillable?

While the Disneyland Resort sells a number of adorable souvenir mugs and sippers in the parks and hotels, there are currently none offering unlimited refills.

How much is the Disney refillable mug?

Now, refillable mugs are available for one flat price of $19.99 for length of resort stay, no matter how many days.

How much is a refillable mug at Disney World?

At most Disney World resorts, Disney sells Refillable Mugs that can be used during your stay at your resort. Currently, the cost to purchase a mug is $16.49 plus tax.

Can you use a refillable Cup at Disney World?

Unfortunately, no. This refillable cup is technically a Disney resort refillable mug. Meaning you can only purchase and use them at Disney resorts. Sidenote: Reviewers of the Disney refillable mug often note how special they feel carrying this exclusive item around the parks.

Is it safe to microwave a Disney refillable mug?

Yes! The Disney refillable mug is microwave safe, so after your trip, you can heat up your cocoa or tea at home right in the microwave. You might want to keep in mind that the microwave may affect the cup’s RFID chip, so if anything, refrain from microwaving it until after your trip.

Can You Bring Your RFID chipped mug back to Disney?

In the first few years of the program, Disney did allow guests to bring back their RFID-chipped mugs and reuse them on another visit, but that has since stopped. If you intend to use the Rapid Fill system when you visit next, you will have to buy a new mug for that stay. Can I fill the mug up at any resort, or only the one I’m staying at?