Why did Tosh lines leave the bill?

Why did Tosh lines leave the bill?

A chronic alcoholic, he played “Tosh” continuously from 1988 until he was fired from The Bill on 27 April 1998 after turning up to filming too intoxicated to work. Tosh’s final appearance was on 9 June 1998.

Is Kevin Lloyd still alive?

Deceased (1949–1998)
Kevin Lloyd/Living or Deceased

Who played Tosh Lyons in the bill?

Kevin Lloyd

Tosh Lines
Portrayed by: Kevin Lloyd
● First Appearance: Stop and Search ● Last Appearance: A People Person
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How old is Kevin Lloyd?

49 years (1949–1998)
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What happened to Jim Carver in The Bill?

He played Jim Carver in around 780 episodes, from 1984 until his departure in 2005 which ended 21 years on The Bill. Jim Carver was central to several major plotlines on The Bill, including the character’s struggles with alcoholism, gambling and as a victim of domestic violence.

Who has died from the bill?

Ben Roberts, Derek Conway on The Bill, dies at 70

  • Ben Roberts, best known for playing Chief Inspector Derek Conway in The Bill from 1987 to 2002, has died at 70.
  • His death was confirmed by his former agent, who called him a “wonderful” actor who had had “an extensive career in theatre, TV and film”.

What happened to Jim Carver in the bill?

What happened to Will Fletcher in The Bill?

Undercover With Neo-Nazis Will was informed by new Superintendent John Heaton that a boxing friend, Euan Thomas, was a Neo-Nazi, so he was used as an in for an undercover operation. However, during a bomb threat Euan was trapped with the bomb and the blast killed him and wounded Will, who had just been found out.

What happened to June in The Bill?

June Ackland was a character in The Bill from 1983 until 2007. Always very involved in her work, June took a long while to get over her father’s death. He was a teacher, and they were very close. She looked after him as an invalid, and when he died in hospital there was some sense of release for her.