What kind of features does Auria Pro have?

What kind of features does Auria Pro have?

With professional-level features like comprehensive MIDI support, built-in sampler player and analog synths, real-time audio warping, optional third-party plug-in support from names like FabFilter, PSP, Overloud and Drumagog, AAF import/export, and powerful busing, Auria Pro clearly sets a new standard for mobile music production.

How can I export Auria files to iTunes?

Output as an .m4a or .wav file, use Audio Copy/Paste, or output directly to iTunes, Soundcloud, or Dropbox. Or export an AAF session which you can bring into Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic, Digital Performer or other DAWs.

How does Auria Pro automatically quantize audio?

Automatically quantize audio using either warping or transient slicing, or extract the feel of an audio part and apply it to either audio or MIDI tracks by combining all of the above with groove quantizing! And Auria Pro’s Audio to MIDI conversion turns audio drum parts directly into MIDI tracks.

Can you backup Auria to external hard drive?

Auria Pro introduces support for iOS-compatible external hard drives. Using Auria Pro’s new Save Project to other App feature allows you to backup and restore your Auria projects to external media with just a few taps. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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