Is Lecturio best for Usmle?

Is Lecturio best for Usmle?

To conclude, Lecturio is the most comprehensive and exhaustive and has the “best-looking” online platform in terms of user friendliness. For additional questions on how to use Lecturio for your Step 1 and Step 2 studies, feel free to contact one of our experienced USMLE tutors.

Is Lecturio worth it for Usmle Step 1?

I’d say Lecturio is useful for USMLE Step 1 but perhaps not the best “core material” to study from (there are much better free flashcard deck approaches in my opinion). Where most med students seem to agree it could be worth it is in the length and depth of its videos – both short and succint.

Is Lecturio worth the money?

I have found it to be a great resource for gaining and testing my knowledge. Lecturio offers great lecture video material, practice exams, and great ways to track the material you have reviewed. It lets you know what topics you are proficient at and which need work as well. I think the quality of this service is great!

Is Lecturio good for Step 2?

The best study material, and your source for your questions, will be a QBank dedicated to Step 2 CK. If you use Lecturio’s QBank, a free account will give you access to more than 1,200 Step 2 CK questions that will test your understanding of high-yield concepts.

Is Lecturio good for medicine?

Lecturio Medical is an excellent supplement for classes and clerkships, as well as for preparation for USMLE® Step 1 & 2 CK, COMLEX Level 1 & 2, and NBME® exams, MCAT, MBBS, NEET-PG, and more with video lectures integrated into a powerful question bank for active learning.

How do I get Lecturio for free?

Go to and get started! Additionally, your free account also enables you to fully access our Online Medical Library.

Is Lecturio complete?

Lecturio Premium will automatically be renewed at the end of each period. The auto-renewal will run for the same period as your original membership period.

Is OnlineMedEd good for Step 2?

I used [OnlineMedEd] during the clinical years and in a quick review for USMLE Step 2 CK. Scored a 273. [OnlineMedEd] is pretty much the Uworld of clinical rotations. The paid content where you can download the audio and pdfs was essential to my success on multiple rotations and Step 2.

Is UWorld enough for Step 2 CK?

A fair proportion of top exam scorers report that doing UWorld STEP 2 CK twice was more than enough to cross 250+ and even 260+ on the real exam.

Is Lecturio free?

Lecturio allows you to start many courses for free. Just choose a course and the play icon will let you know which lectures are for free: That means more than 250 free lectures and 1000 quiz questions for you. Similarly, as a free Lecturio user, you are able to access the free version of our Qbank.

How can I get free Lecturio?

At Lecturio you will receive a 24-hour free trial of all courses after registering. After those 24 hours you will be able to watch the free video lectures and access the free version of our Qbank until you purchase a premium membership plan. Lecturio allows you to start many courses for free.