How did shell shock affect soldiers in ww1?

How did shell shock affect soldiers in ww1?

Shell shock was one of the major side effects of WWI. Many soldiers suffered from it, as it was caused by the heavy explosions and constant fighting associated with the war. Troops suffering from shell shock struggled with sleep. They panicked on hearing gunshots, loud noises, shouting and similar.

Who was the shell shocked soldier?

Hidden for 100 years, the astonishing photos by a 16-year-old soldier show how his brothers-in-arms would forever be haunted by the specter of defeat. These photos were taken by Walter Kleinfeldt who joined a German gun crew in 1915 and fought at the Somme aged just 16. As his haunting…

How many British soldiers had shell shock in ww1?

By the end of World War One the British Army had dealt with 80,000 cases of shell shock, including those of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. Joanna Bourke explores how the army tackled this extreme trauma, and how it was regarded by those back home.

What percentage of soldiers have shell shock?

An estimated 10 percent of the 1,663,435 military wounded of the war would be attributed to shell shock; and yet study of this signature condition—emotional, or commotional, or both—was not followed through in the postwar years.

Why was shell shock so bad?

Some physicians held the view that it was a result of hidden physical damage to the brain, with the shock waves from bursting shells creating a cerebral lesion that caused the symptoms and could potentially prove fatal.

Is shell shock permanent?

Shell shock is a term originally coined in 1915 by Charles Myers to describe soldiers who were involuntarily shivering, crying, fearful, and had constant intrusions of memory. It is not a term used in psychiatric practice today but remains in everyday use.

Can shell shock be cured?

Shell shock victims found themselves at the mercy of the armed forces’ medical officers. The “lucky” ones were treated with a variety of “cures” including hypnosis, massage, rest and dietary treatments.

Is Shell Shock permanent?