Is Unbroken a good movie?

Is Unbroken a good movie?

Based on the true story, Olympian and Japanese prison camp survivor. This is just a real good story about a really good and brave man during World War Two. Most of the movie is Zamperini’s survival, “unbroken”, during his two years in prison camp. Takamasa Ishihara plays the unmerciful head of the camp, Watanabe.

What is the point of the movie Unbroken?

Chronicles the life of Louie Zamperini, an Olympic athlete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics-turned-WWII plane crash survivor and prisoner in two Japanese POW camps. From a rebellious childhood to a life of glory, bravery, and triumph, Louie finds his strength, his fight, and his faith.

Is Unbroken the movie on Netflix?

Right now you can watch Unbroken on Netflix.

Does Unbroken have inappropriate scenes?

Other disturbing scenes of torture and violence are seen. Sexual Content: A boy positions himself under the stairs so he can look up girls’ skirts. Some crude sexual comments and references are made. Male buttock nudity is seen in a non-sexual setting when men are forced to undress by their prison guards.

Is Unbroken book appropriate for middle school?

An inspiring and chilling account of an extraordinary man, Unbroken is a perfect nonfiction book for middle schoolers interested in war stories, history, running, and incredible feats of bravery and perseverance. It’s particularly powerful as a comparison to stories about Japanese internment or the Holocaust.

Did Phil survive in Unbroken?

Phil survives, along with Louie and Mac. Although Mac dies, Phil and Louie make it for forty-six days, at which point they are captured by the Japanese. After being transferred to a different POW camp, they are transferred again, and this time they are separated. They don’t see other again until after the war.

Who survived in Unbroken?

Miraculously, Russell Phillips, the pilot; Zamperini, the co-pilot; and Francis McNamara, the tail gunner survived. The three drifted on rafts, living on albatrosses they killed and feeling sharks rubbing just underneath them.

Is the movie Unbroken a good or bad movie?

“Unbroken” could be a film that we look back on as an early entry in the careers of major stars. Because the disappointing thing is we won’t really look back at the film itself on its own merits. It’s one of those inspirational Hollywood dramas about which there isn’t anything “overtly wrong” with it.

Who was Louis Zamperini in the movie Unbroken?

This review includes several details that were omitted in the movie, included to clarify certain situations. Louis Zamperini (C.J. Valleroy as young Louie, Jack O’Connell in the title role) was restless and incorrigible as a Californian youth.

Who are the main characters in unbroken movie?

Parents need to know that Unbroken is Angelina Jolie ‘s affecting, inspiring biopic about Louis Zamperini ( Jack O’Connell ), an Olympic athlete who finds himself tested all sorts of ways during World War II, culminating in a two-year stint in a Japanese prison camp.

What’s the difference between unbroken and starred up?

There’s a difference. The relative disappointment of “Unbroken” has nothing to do with Jack O’Connell, a truly gifted actor who has emerged as a fully-formed movie star with this, his even better work in “ Starred Up ,” and next year’s great “’71.” He may not be a household name yet. He will be.