What is meant by breaking capacity?

What is meant by breaking capacity?

Breaking capacity or interrupting rating is the current that a fuse, circuit breaker, or other electrical apparatus is able to interrupt without being destroyed or causing an electric arc with unacceptable duration.

What is meant by rupturing capacity?

Ans: Rupturing capacity of a circuit breaker means the maximum power a circuit breaker can interrupt under a fault. It is usually expressed in Mega volt Ampere (MVA) and it is then the product of the rated breaking current in kilo amperes and rated voltage expressed in kilo volts.

What is symmetrical breaking capacity?

Rated symmetrical breaking current. Making current of a circuit breaker is the peak value of the maximum current loop during sub transient condition including the DC component when the breaker closes.

What is the meaning of 10kA in MCB?

MCB Breaking Capacity: Breaking capacity can be defined as the maximum level of fault current which can be safely cleared. It is written as in numerals like in in example it is 10000. It means it 10000A = 10kA. It means that it does not allow fault to get it’s peak and trip before that.

How do you calculate breaking capacity?

Multiply the number of sets of electrical windings or other components by the voltage each offers. For example, if you are calculating the breaking capacity connected with a three-phase 520-volt transformer, multiply 3 by 520, giving 1,560 volts. Divide the volt-amperage running through the circuit by this voltage.

What is the breaking capacity of MCB?

Breaking capacity can be defined as the maximum level of fault current which can be safely cleared. It is the highest fault current that the MCCB can trip without being damaged permanently. The MCCB will be reusable after interrupting a fault, as long as it doesn’t exceed this value.

What is low breaking capacity?

Rated Breaking Capacity (Low-/High-Voltage Fuses) Capacity of a fuse to operate between the lowest and the Rated Breaking Current. The Rated Breaking Current is an effective value. Normally the fuses can operate higher currents.

What is breaking capacity of VCB?

Rated Voltage: 11KV ABB Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Breaking Capacity: 26.3 Ka

Rated Voltage 11KV
Rated Current 630,800,1250
Breaking Capacity 26.3 KA
Brand ABB
Degree Of Protection IP-45