Is Lumia 640 a 4G phone?

Is Lumia 640 a 4G phone?

There is at least a microSD card slot though and it supports cards of up to 128GB, for massive expansion. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, which makes for a pretty good selection.

When did the Microsoft Lumia 640 come out?

March 2, 2015
Microsoft Lumia 640

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
Brand Microsoft
First released March 2, 2015
Predecessor Nokia Lumia 630 Nokia Lumia 1320
Successor Microsoft Lumia 650

Are Microsoft phones still available?

For Lumia 640 and 640 XL phone models, Window 10 Mobile version 1703 was the last supported OS version and will reach end of support on June 11th, 2019.

Is Lumia 640 a dual SIM?

The Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM is a dual-SIM (GSM and GSM) mobile that accepts Micro-SIM and Micro-SIM cards. The Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM measures 141.30 x 72.20 x 8.80mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 145.00 grams.

Does Microsoft Lumia 640 support Whatsapp?

Whatsapp ended support for all Windows phones on 31.12. 2019. You cannot download, install or use Whatsapp on any Windows Mobile phone, doesn’t matter which model you have or which OS version you are using. “Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark.

Is Microsoft Lumia discontinued?

Microsoft Lumia (previously the Nokia Lumia Series) is a discontinued line of mobile devices that was originally designed and marketed by Nokia and later by Microsoft Mobile. On 3 September 2013, Microsoft announced its purchase of Nokia’s mobile device business, with the deal closing on 25 April 2014.

How can I update my Lumia 640 to Windows 10?

Update software – Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE

  1. Before you start.
  2. Swipe left.
  3. Scroll to and select Settings.
  4. Scroll to and select Update & security.
  5. Select Phone update.
  6. Select Check for updates.
  7. Wait for the search to finish.
  8. If your phone is up to date, you will see the following screen.

Which phones will not support WhatsApp from 2019?

For Android phones, models including HTC Desire, LG Optimus Black, Motorola Droid Razr or even the Samsung Galaxy S2 will no longer be able to have WhatsApp. For iPhones, iPhone 4 and earlier models will not support WhatsApp soon.