How to redirect back page in ASP net c#?

How to redirect back page in ASP net c#?

{ ViewState[“PreviousPage”] = Request. UrlReferrer;//Saves the Previous page url in ViewState } } protected void btnBack_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (ViewState[“PreviousPage”] != null) //Check if the ViewState //contains Previous page URL { Response. Redirect(ViewState[“PreviousPage”].

How do I go back to previous page in C#?

We can use ASP button or Link Button to: If you use Hyper Link: Go Back

What is previous page in asp net?

Previous Page controls can be accessed on Current Page using the Cross Page PostBack technique in ASP.Net. Cross Page Posting (CrossPagePostBack) is a way to submit one page to another page and it also allows to access controls of Previous Page using the PreviousPage property.

How do I get the previous URL in .NET core?

“how to get previous page url aspnet core” Code Answer

  1. public async Task Edit(int? id)
  2. {
  3. ViewBag. returnUrl = Request. Headers[“Referer”]. ToString();
  4. return View(customer);
  5. }

What is URL referrer in asp net?

http referrer indicates the previous page that has submitted data or linked to the new page. you can get it in ASP.NET using like. C# Copy Code. //PageName comes from HttpContext.Current.Request.RawUrl and is supplied by the Page_Load event.

What is directive in asp net?

Directives specify settings that are used by the page and user-control compilers when the compilers process ASP.NET Web Forms pages (. aspx files) and user control (. Defines control-specific attributes used by the ASP.NET page parser and compiler and can be included only in .

What is URL referrer in C#?

The referrer is the url from which the http request was issued. When a page load an image, the request to that image will contain the url of the page as referrer. – VdesmedT.

What is purpose of using page directive?

This directive registers your user control on the page so that the control can be accessed by the page.

What is the purpose of using @page directive?

The page directive is used to provide instructions to the container that pertain to the current JSP page. You may code the page directives anywhere in your JSP page. By convention, page directives are coded at the top of the JSP page.

How to get back to previous page in ASP.NET?

In the Button click, we first check if ViewState contains the previous page URL. If the ViewState contains the previous page URL, then we use the viewstate information to redirect the user back to the previous page. This is the management Page.

When to redirect to previous page after login?

When I share a url of a page (not a home page) of my website with my friend, and when he enters it in his browser, it automatically redirects him to Login page. (Which is correct behavior). When he enters his username and password it redirects to the home page and not the url I shared with him.

How to redirect to the previous action in ASP.NET MVC?

@Html.ActionLink (“Back to previous page”, null, null, null, new { href = Request.UrlReferrer}) If you are not concerned with unit testing then you can simply write: A suggestion for how to do this such that: . public ActionResult Create (string returnUrl) { // If no return url supplied, use referrer url.

How to get last url in ASP.NET?

I can not get her value, nor even redirect it. You could get last url by using Request.Headers [“Referer\\.ToString () which you have tried before and use Redirect () to reach your page. If you would like to use it in a page like an Edit page which has Get and Post methods, you could refer to below demo: