What is serial communication in PIC microcontroller?

What is serial communication in PIC microcontroller?

Serial communication (also called RS232 communication) enables a microcontroller to be connected to another microcontroller or to a PC using a serial cable. Some microcontrollers have built-in hardware called universal synchronous–asynchronous receiver–Transmitter (UART) to implement a serial communication interface.

Which of the following pins are used for transmitting and receiving the data serial in PIC microcontroller?

Pin 5 of the DB9 connector is grounded. A virtual terminal is connected to the RX and TX pics of the microcontroller to display the transmitting and receiving data.

What is UART in PIC microcontroller?

UART is the abbreviation for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter and is a commonly used hardware module for serial communication based on communication protocols like RS 232. This chapter discusses how such a device is appropriately interfaced with a PIC microcontroller.

What are the types of serial communication?

There are two broad types of serial communication: synchronous and asynchronous. There are a very large number of different standards and protocols for serial communication, ranging from the very simple to the seriously complicated. It is important to match the right protocol with the right application.

What is Spbrg?

SPBRG is a 8-bit register which controls the baud rate generation. Given the desired baud rate and FOSC, the nearest integer value for the SPBRG register can be calculated using the below formula.

What is UART in pic16f877a?

A universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter is a hardware module for asynchronous serial communication in which the data format and transmission speeds are configurable.

What is baud rate 9600?

The baud rate is the rate at which information is transferred in a communication channel. In the serial port context, “9600 baud” means that the serial port is capable of transferring a maximum of 9600 bits per second. At baud rates above 76,800, the cable length will need to be reduced.

What does UART stand for?

UART, or universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter, is one of the most used device-to-device communication protocols. This article shows how to use UART as a hardware communication protocol by following the standard procedure.

What is difference between UART and USART?

USART uses both data signals and clock for its functioning. While UART entails data signals only for its functioning. In USART, data is transmitted in the form of blocks. While in UART, data is transmitted in the form of bytes(one byte at a time).