What is a butterfly infusion set and how does it work?

What is a butterfly infusion set and how does it work?

A butterfly needle is a device used to draw blood from a vein or deliver intravenous (IV) therapy to a vein. Also called a winged infusion set or scalp vein set, a butterfly needle consists of a very thin hypodermic needle, two flexible “wings,” a flexible transparent tubing, and a connector.

Why is the winged infusion method used?

Also known as winged infusion sets, these needles are used for both intravenous delivery of fluids or drugs or for blood collection (Figure 8). These needles are generally reserved for phlebotomy from patients with veins that are more fragile or difficult to access using a straight needle.

What is the butterfly procedure?

Butterfly technique is a combined procedure that uses the patient’s own tissue to separate adjacent bare mucosal areas and prevent web reformation after dividing it. There are some advantages as it is a one-stage procedure and can reconstruct subglottic stenosis simultaneously.

Does the butterfly needle hurt less?

Since butterfly needles are often less painful than straight needles, you may encounter patients who specifically ask you to use a butterfly needle. What’s important is that you use the proper gauge to get the job done effectively, quickly, and, most importantly, as pain-free as possible.

How bad does a butterfly needle hurt?

Do IVS hurt more than shots?

In the Italian study, 83% of patients thought a spinal injection would be most painful, while 80% said an intramuscular (IM) would hurt least. But after they had actually experienced them, nearly 90% said either IM or intravenous (IV) injections were most unpleasant, with only 11% rating the spinal as most painful.

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How painful is a butterfly needle?