Is the Kuranda Scenic Railway worth it?

Is the Kuranda Scenic Railway worth it?

The answer is yes. Even for this frugal traveller, I found it a fun day out. The SkyRail offers some amazing views of Cairns and of the rainforest. It’s a longer ride than I imagined and well worth the money.

How much does the Kuranda railway cost?

Kuranda Scenic Railway Return

Kuranda Scenic Railway Adult Child#
Heritage Class $76.00 $38.00
Gold Class upgrade $98.00 $98.00

How long is the train trip from Cairns to Kuranda?

Route: Cairns to Kuranda Network Map: Train Stations
Distance: 34 kms Timetable Departs Cairns: Daily at 8.30am & 9.30am
Duration: 1 hr 45 mins Timetable Departs Kuranda: Daily at 2.00pm & 3.30pm ​

How much time do you need in Kuranda?

Most visitors spend three hours in Kuranda. It is possible to opt for no time, up to five hours free time. We suggest three hours. This gives you enough time to have a good look around and have some lunch.

How long does the Kuranda Scenic Railway take?

1 hour and 55 minutes
How long does the journey take? The one-way journey is 1 hour and 55 minutes from Cairns Railway Station (including 5-minute stop at Freshwater Station to pick up more passengers and 10-minute stop at Barron Falls Lookout.

Are there toilets on the Kuranda train?

There are toilets on the Kuranda Scenic Railway and while you are exploring Skyrail there are bathrooms located at Smithfield Terminal, Kuranda Terminal and at both the stops – Red Peak and Barron Falls – along the way! There are toilets on the train but not on the sky rail. The sky rail is a gondola that seats 6.

Does the Kuranda train have toilets?

What should I wear in Kuranda?

Wear bright colours such as pink red and white and you may be lucky enough to have some of them land on you. See the electric blue Ulysses butterfly and the bright green Cairns Birdwing Butterfly. At the Koala Gardens in Kuranda you can cuddle, feed and get your photo taken actually holding a cute cuddly koala.

How much time do you need in Kuranda Village?

How long should I spend in Kuranda Village? If you wish to explore Kuranda Village there are numerous acitvities, including markets, art galleries, cafes and wildlife parks. Depending on your schedule, we recommend allowing 2 – 3 hours in Kuranda ‘Village in the rainforest’.

How long does the Skyrail to Kuranda take?

1 ½ hours
Allow 1 ½ hours to complete a Kuranda Scenic Railway Journey. There are two morning departures (8:55am and 9:55am from Freshwater Railway Station to Kuranda Railway Station) and two afternoon departures (2:00pm and 3:30pm from Kuranda Railway Station to Freshwater Railway Station and Cairns Central Railway Station).