Can you swim with sharks in Maui?

Can you swim with sharks in Maui?

Can you swim with sharks in Maui? Yes, you can swim and dive with sharks in Maui. Shark diving is one of the most popular diving experiences for seasoned and beginner divers.

Can you swim with whale sharks in Hawaii?

Though rare, whale sharks can show up just about anywhere, like Hawaii, French Polynesia, and more. If you do get the privilege to swim with them, please don’t touch, or chase, and just admire. There are few experiences as profound and beautiful as swimming with such a large, gentle creature.

Where can you swim with whale sharks in Hawaii?

The best place to see the whale sharks in Hawaii are near the islands of Niihau, Lanai and Molokini Islet. We felt safe diving with these sharks that can live to be 100 years old and usually stay close to the surface, pumping thousands of gallons of sea water at a time through their mouth and out their gills to feed.

Where can I see whale sharks in Maui?

They are most commonly seen while scuba diving off of Molokai. When they do come close to shore on Maui, they warrant beach closings. The last occurring in November, 2016. Though rare, there were two prominent sightings of whale sharks in Maui in 2017, both occurring near Molokini.

What time of day do most shark attacks occur?

Most attacks world-wide happen between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm and mostly on weekend during the warmer seasons of the year. This has not so much to do with shark behaviour though but everything with human behaviour since these are the times when most people are spending time in the water.

Are there great white sharks in Maui?

Great white sharks are not native to the waters of Maui, but there is always a chance that there may be one lurking just offshore in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Because sightings of great white sharks are extremely rare. Many local Hawaiians have never even seen a great white.