How many Fraxel treatments does it take to see results?

How many Fraxel treatments does it take to see results?

You may need downtime of three to five days, as your skin will be red and flaky. Fortunately, these side effects disappear quickly, leaving you with glowing, youthful-looking skin. Most clients typically need two to four Fraxel laser treatments to see ideal results.

How much does Fraxel Dual cost?

According to – a website where real patients submit reviews on popular cosmetic treatments – fractional laser treatments cost on average $450 a treatment for the Clear and Brilliant Laser and $975 for the Fraxel Dual Laser. Multiple treatments are often needed depending on the indication for treatment.

What is Fraxel Restore Dual?

Fraxel (restore dual)™ is a non-ablative fractionated laser that stimulates collagen growth in the skin resulting in a healthy glow, smoother texture and improved appearance. The laser energy produces a wound healing response without injuring the skin surface, allowing for a faster recovery time, typically 1-3 days.

Is Microneedling better than Fraxel?

Effectiveness. Both treatments deliver noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture. However, because microneedling does not penetrate the deep layers of the skin, it is better suited to mild skin problems, and the results are typically less dramatic than Fraxel.

Which is better Microneedling or Fraxel?

How long does it take to heal from Fraxel laser?

The downtime to ablative Fraxel (so Fraxel Repair) is typically a week. During the first two days, you can expect redness, throbbing, and swelling (like a sunburn), then between days three to five, your skin will start to roughen up and peel.

Is Fraxel Restore the same as Fraxel Dual?

The Fraxel® re:pair is a more aggressive laser than the Fraxel® DUAL because it is ablative and will require post-treatment wound care. It is still a fractional laser, however.

How many clear and brilliants equal a Fraxel?

With Clear + Brilliant®, four treatments over the course of a fortnightly and monthly treatments thereafter are recommended for the best result. Also, don’t believe that four to five Clear+Brilliant treatments will achieve the same result as one Fraxel.