How much does a road trip to Los Angeles cost?

How much does a road trip to Los Angeles cost?

A vacation to Los Angeles for one week usually costs around $1,328 for one person. So, a trip to Los Angeles for two people costs around $2,655 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs $5,311 in Los Angeles.

Is driving in Los Angeles difficult?

Because of its size, it can be tough to navigate, especially in a way that minimizes the path through L.A.’s infamous traffic. Plus, the city has a few unique rules and customs even if you are used to driving in other large U.S. cities.

What cities are an 8 hour drive from Los Angeles?

Cities 8 hours from East Los Angeles

  • 8 hours: Nogales, AZ.
  • 7 hr 57 min: Sun Valley, NV.
  • 7 hr 51 min: Sparks, NV.
  • 7 hr 50 min: Reno, NV.
  • 7 hr 46 min: Blavo, CA.
  • 7 hr 37 min: South Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • 7 hr 34 min: Ukiah, CA.
  • 7 hr 32 min: Green Valley, AZ.

Are road trips expensive?

Road trips don’t have to be expensive if you follow these budgeting tips and tools. However, you do need to plan ahead to be able to create a road trip budget whether you’re traversing the country in a Route 66 road trip or traveling around Big Sur so you can keep costs low.

How many days do you need in LA?

This city’s got a little something for everyone, from beaches and hiking to theme parks, museums, and celebrity sightings. We recommend staying at least three days and three nights at HI Los Angeles Santa Monica hostel to give yourself time to explore the best of LA.

Where can I go for a road trip?

Top 10 Road Trips in NSW

  • The Greater Blue Mountains. Distance: 1200km.
  • Darling River Run. Distance: 1075km.
  • Kosciuszko Alpine Way. Distance: 507km.
  • Grand Pacific Drive. Distance: 215km.
  • Mighty Murray River Drive. Distance: 328km.
  • Waterfall Way. Distance: 196km.
  • Kidman Way. Distance: 822km.
  • Pacific Coast. Distance: 985km.

What city is 2 hours away from LA?

1. Palm Springs. Only 100 miles (and about a two-hour drive) from Los Angeles, Palm Springs has been a popular desert getaway for almost 100 years.

Where should I go after LA?

15 Top-Rated Day Trips from Los Angeles

  • Santa Catalina Island. Santa Catalina Island.
  • Disneyland. Disneyland.
  • Santa Barbara. View over the red-tile roofs of Santa Barbara.
  • Palm Springs. Palm Springs.
  • Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Laguna Beach: A Quintessential So-Cal Town.
  • Malibu’s Beautiful Beaches.
  • San Diego.