Can you camp anywhere on the West Highland Way?

Can you camp anywhere on the West Highland Way?

There are many campsites on the West Highland Way, and several of hotels and pubs also allow camping, such as the remote Kings House Hotel. You can wild camp on most of the route as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoors Access Code.

Is the West Highland Way waymarked?

The Way is waymarked along its length to help walkers follow the route. You should however be able to read a map and compass to assist with navigation if required.

Is the West Highland Way hard?

The West Highland Way hike is a moderate to difficult trail. There are some very steep sections which are quite difficult, but it can be done with an average level of fitness. If you choose to take more days to do the West Highland Way hike in, it’ll make the journey easier as you’ll walk shorter distances every day.

Can you do the West Highland Way in 5 days?

Walking the West Highland Way – 5 days is the most popular time frame however many visitors like to take longer, covering fewer miles in each day and spending more time in the towns, villages or campsites of the west coast.

Can you wild camp in inverarnan?

Settled on a portion of the West Highland Way just north of Loch Lomond, Inverarnan is a great spot to pitch your tent and socialise with like-minded campers. Why not enjoy a pint before retreating to your wild camping spot?

What is the hardest stage of the West Highland Way?

6 Day West Highland Way The first part is arguably the most difficult stretch of the West Highland Way from Rowardennan to Crianlarich.

What’s the hardest part of the West Highland Way?

Be Ready for Loch Lomond When looking at the map many people think the side of Loch Lomond will be a gentle walk along the shore, however it is the most difficult section of the walk.

Can you walk the West Highland Way in trainers?

Whether you opt for hiking boots or trainers, perhaps the most important of these West Highland Way tips, is that you must break them in.

Is wild camping allowed in Glencoe?

Camping is banned in Glen Coe. Glen Nevis is fine, although in the lower glen you’ll find a lot of ‘no camping’ signs. Both are so popular, obviously go with the ‘leave no trace’ and all that. Upper Glen Nevis, beyond the road end is very, very nice.

Is there wild camping on the West Highland Way?

Walking all day to spend a night under a canopy of stars provides an authentic Scottish experience when you’re journeying up the West Highland Way. While there are many campsite facilities dotted along the route, wild camping is permitted under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Where can I find the West Highland Way?

Welcome to the Official West Highland Way website! Find all the information you need to immerse yourself in the wild landscapes of Scotland and the country’s best loved long distance walking route. Please check the Notices page for latest updates.

Do you need a tent for the West Highland Way?

Tent: When it comes to selecting a suitable tent for camping along the West Highland Way, you need to consider the openness and quick-changing weather conditions that the Highlands is famed for. Ensure your tent is of high quality so that it can withstand heavy rain, strong winds and damp conditions.

How long does it take to hike the West Highland Way?

Most walkers take 6-9 days to complete the West Highland Way. If you want to hike the entire route in a week or less, be prepared to cover at least 15-20 miles each day. If you prefer to move at a more relaxed pace, your longest day need not exceed 15 miles with most days averaging around 10 miles.