How do I get rid of Golden Gate extract?

How do I get rid of Golden Gate extract?


  1. Stop Extract with the STOP EXTRACT command.
  2. Log in to the mining database with the DBLOGIN or MININGDBLOGIN command with the privileges granted in the dbms_goldengate_auth. grant_admin_privilege procedure. For local capture, DBLOGIN is required.
  3. Delete the Extract group with DELETE EXTRACT .

How do I register my extract with Golden Gate?

Add Extract Process On the source server, add a new Extract process called ex2: GGSCI (vm4) 3> ADD EXTRACT ex2 INTEGRATED TRANLOG, BEGIN NOW EXTRACT added.

How do I uninstall extract?

Use DELETE EXTRACT to delete an Extract group. This command deletes the checkpoint file that belongs to the group, but leaves the parameter file intact. You can then re-create the group or delete the parameter file as needed. Before using DELETE EXTRACT , stop Extract with the STOP EXTRACT command.

How do I start the GoldenGate extract process?

Use START EXTRACT to start the Extract process. To confirm that Extract has started, use the INFO EXTRACT or STATUS EXTRACT command. Extract can be started at its normal start point (from initial or current checkpoints) or from an alternate, user-specified position in the data source.

How do I cancel my Golden Gate service?

Stopping GoldenGate processes Issuing a stop command will gracefully shutdown the GoldenGate processes. Stop all processes using a wildcard, as shown in the following code: GGSCI (db12server01) 2> stop * Sending STOP request to EXTRACT EOLTP01 Request processed.

How do I stop my GoldenGate from replicating?

To resolve these problems and start Replicat again, see Administering Oracle GoldenGate for Windows and UNIX. STOP REPLICAT group_name [!] The name of a Replicat group or a wildcard (*) to specify multiple groups. For example, T* stops all Replicat groups whose names begin with T.

How do I know if a Extract is classic or integrated?

How to know If the Extract Process is Classic or Integrated. Once the extract process has started, it is reading the online redo log files of the database – so it is classic extract.

What is GoldenGate integrated capture?

In integrated capture mode, the Oracle GoldenGate Extract process interacts directly with a database logmining server to receive data changes in the form of logical change records (LCR). Integrated capture supports more data and storage types as compared to classic capture, and the support is more transparent.

How do I uninstall integrated Replicat?


  1. Log into the database by using the DBLOGIN command. DBLOGIN enables DELETE REPLICAT to delete the checkpoints from the checkpoint table of a non-integrated Replicat or to delete the inbound server that an integrated Replicat uses. For more information, see “DBLOGIN”.

How do I skip a transaction on GoldenGate Replicat?

Using logdump. Here we skip the transaction that caused the error, by re-starting the Replicat from the next non-erroneous transaction position, by moving forward the RBA in the trail file.

How do I check my GoldenGate process?

To see and analyse the processing information, use GGSCI. The following are the commands to see the process information: The command INFO {EXTRACT│REPLICAT} group [DETAIL] shows us: execute status, control points, approximate delay and environmental information. INFO MANAGER shows us: execute status and port number.

How do you know if Golden Gate is running?

How to Verify the Installation of an Oracle GoldenGate Instance

  1. Switch to the Oracle GoldenGate administrative user.
  2. Run the ggsci utility.
  3. Stop the extract and the replicat processes.
  4. Stop the manager processes.
  5. Exit the ggsci utility.
  6. If the replicat processes are configured, kill all remaining server processes.