How do I pay my Rockland water bill?

How do I pay my Rockland water bill?

“Pay your Bills Online We accept VISA or MasterCard. A service fee is applied by the service provider, Paymentus Corporation. If you are making a payment after the bill due date, your payment will be subject to a late payment penalty. Call 1-866-278-6337 toll free to make a payment over the phone.

Is Rockland a town or a city?

Rockland is a bilingual community located about 40 km (25 mi) east of downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, part of the city of Clarence-Rockland. Rockland has a population of 11,099….Rockland, Ontario.

Coordinates: 45°33′N 75°17′WCoordinates: 45°33′N 75°17′W
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Prescott and Russell

Who is the mayor of Clarence Rockland?

Mario Zanth
OTTAWA — Mario Zanth is the new Mayor of Clarence-Rockland.

Is Rockland Ontario a good place to live?

Rockland is one of the best senior-friendly communities in eastern Ontario. Rockland is a small and intimate community, and you will quickly make connections that can last a lifetime with neighbours and friendly people around town when you buy a new build home here.

Where can I pay my O and R bill?

Ways to Pay Your Bill

  • Pay Online. Bank Account (no fee)
  • Automatic Bill Payment. Set up auto pay.
  • Pay With a Voice Assistant. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to check your balance, pay your bills, set reminders, and more.
  • Pay by Phone. eZPay Express.
  • Pay by Mail.
  • Walk-in Customer Service Center (no fee)

Why is it called Rockland?

The county’s name derives from “rocky land”, as the area has been aptly described, largely due to the Hudson River Palisades. Rockland County is the smallest county by area in New York outside New York City….Rockland County, New York.

Rockland County
State New York
Founded 1798
Named for its rocky terrain
Seat New City

Is Rockland in Quebec or Ontario?

Rockland is a small bilingual city in Eastern Ontario, located 35 kilometres east of Ottawa, the Canadian capital. It sits on the south shore of the Ottawa River, facing Thurso, Québec.

Is Rockland considered Ottawa?

Clarence-Rockland is located immediately to the east of Ottawa and is considered part of Canada’s National Capital Region in the census. The city was formed on January 1, 1998, through the amalgamation of the Town of Rockland with Clarence Township….

Area code(s) 613