Who is comparable to Nickelback?

Who is comparable to Nickelback?

Similar To

  • 3 Doors Down.
  • Collective Soul.
  • Creed.
  • Stone Sour.
  • Three Days Grace.
  • Audioslave.
  • Buckcherry.
  • Deftones.

Who sounds like Chris Daughtry?

Lifehouse. 1,686,156 listeners. Related Tags.

  • 3 Doors Down. 2,691,003 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Theory of a Deadman. 1,053,574 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Nickelback. 3,042,564 listeners. Related Tags.
  • Hinder. 1,044,175 listeners.
  • Adelitas Way. 329,513 listeners.
  • My Darkest Days. 255,814 listeners.
  • Sunrise Avenue. 447,556 listeners.
  • What type of music is hinder?

    Death metal

    What band sounds like 3 Doors Down?

    Similar To

    • Daughtry.
    • Evanescence.
    • Filter.
    • Fuel.
    • Goo Goo Dolls.
    • VAST.
    • Brothermandude.
    • Creed.

    What type of band is Nickelback?

    Genres Post-grunge hard rock pop rock alternative metal alternative rock
    Years active 1995–present
    Labels EMI Canada Roadrunner Atlantic LiveNation Universal Music Canada Republic BMG
    Website nickelback.com

    What happen to hinder?

    Austin Winkler, lead singer of the hard rock band Hinder, has officially left the band due to personal reasons. While the band toured earlier this year, Winkler took a leave of absence and was replaced by fill-in vocalists like Saving Abel’s Jared Weeks. Today’s news makes the departure final.

    What is hinder in Tagalog?

    Translation for word Hinder in Tagalog is : hadlangan.

    Why did Nickelback get a bad reputation?

    Nickelback’s catalogue is polluted with references to the rockstar lifestyle- drugs, sex, money, women, cars and sex. Their track “Rockstar” is an ode to that lifestyle, and “Something In Your Mouth” is, well… it’s something.

    Who are some of the bands that Nickelback play with?

    If You Like Nickelback Check out These Rockers 1 Neil Young. Neil Young has been making music since the late ‘60s, and he continues to wander all over the stylistic map. 2 ZZ Top. 3 John Mellencamp. 4 Soundgarden. 5 Pearl Jam. 6 Foo Fighters. 7 Seether. 8 Shinedown. 9 Black Stone Cherry.

    Who are the members of the band Hinder?

    1) Hinder is a hard rock group inspired by post-grunge music that was formed in Oklahoma City in July 2001 when guitarist Joe Garvey and drummer Cody Hanson discovered Austin Winkler singing for a cover band at a college dorm party. “I heard him and was blown away,” said Cody.

    What was the influence of Soundgarden on Nickelback?

    The immediacy of a Soundgarden song, no matter how complex its arrangement was, helped the group cross over to a larger audience, a lesson disciples like Nickelback surely took to heart. The most popular of the grunge bands with the mainstream rock audience, Pearl Jam shaped the musical landscape that would soon give birth to Nickelback.

    How are Nickelback and ZZ Top alike and different?

    When ZZ Top were celebrated as part of VH1’s 2007 Rock Honors, Nickelback performed the Texas trio’s “Sharp Dressed Man” during the broadcast. At first, the similarities between the two groups might not be obvious, but ZZ Top traffics in the same no-bull hard rock that Nickelback popularized 20 years later.