Where are the most haunted places in New England?

Where are the most haunted places in New England?

The Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT is said to be one of the most haunted places in New England. It was built in 1889 and remained open until 1945. Over the years, the performers that it has hosted included the likes of Bob Hope and Harry Houdini. These days, it is more likely to be spirits that are encountered here.

Where is the ghost of old coot in Massachusetts?

A haunted trail that runs through the Mt. Greylock State Reservation in western Massachusetts is the site where the ghost of Old Coot roams. After returning from the Civil War in 1865, William Saunders was devastated to discover that his wife had remarried while he was away at war.

Is there a haunted pond in New Hampshire?

People often hear their names whispered here, as well, only to turn and find themselves alone in the darkness. Located just outside the White Mountains in New Hampshire, Archer’s Pond has drawn many curious spectators, hoping for a paranormal encounter. The history of the land certainly supports a haunting.

Are there any haunted forests in Fall River MA?

Legends have surrounded the famous Bridgewater Triangle area in Fall River, Massachusetts, for decades, but many people shy away from the Freetown State Forest. The forest is isolated, located in the heart of the area. A known area for body-dumping, rumors also linger about satanic ceremonies being held there.

Which is the creepiest Cemetery in Rhode Island?

Elder Ballou Cemetery Located in Cumberland, Rhode Island, the cemetery is one of the creepiest around with its crypts and old tombstones. Once home to a religious meeting house, the cemetery today has been heavily vandalized.

Which is the most haunted College in Vermont?

Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier started as a seminary in 1831 before becoming a college in 1941. The most haunted location on campus is College Hall, which is said to be haunted by a girl who may have been murdered there. She has a habit of playing the pipe organ in the chapel area.

Which is the most haunted bed and breakfast in the USA?

There are many haunted bed & breakfast establishments in the USA, and this one in Preston, Connecticut is no exception. Named after Captain William Grant, who lived here with his wife Mercy, the inn is said to have many spirits. The Adelaide room is believed to be the most active, with keys being moved and footsteps being heard.