What is the shortcut key for Expand?

What is the shortcut key for Expand?

Expand / Close All Where you see braces or regions in code, you can collapse or expand them with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M, P to expand or Ctrl + M, O to collapse.

How do I select all in Gmail with keyboard?

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Open your Gmail Inbox.
  2. Click on the checkbox in front of the first message in your Inbox.
  3. Hold down the Shift key.
  4. Now, click on the last message, and all the other ones will be selected.
  5. Release Shift and decide what you want to do with the emails.

How do you jump pages in Gmail?

To jump back to the Inbox View from Conversation View, just press u.

How do I expand all folders?

Expand All or Collapse All

  1. To open all folders at the same level as the current folder, press ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW.
  2. To close all folders at the same level as the current folder, press ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW.

How do you collapse all or code?

How to Collapse All Folders in VS Code? To fold all the folders in your code: Enter command >fold and hit enter.

What is the shortcut key for new email?

Mail keyboard shortcuts

To do this Press
Create a message (when in Mail view). Ctrl+N
Create a message (from any Outlook view). Ctrl+Shift+M
Open a received message Ctrl+O
Delete and ignore a conversation. Ctrl+Shift+D

How do you select a lot of emails at once?

Press Ctrl+A to select all of the emails in the folder. Or simply: Highlight the first message you want to select in the list. Press and hold down the Shift key.

Can you undo in Gmail?

Undo Send From the Gmail App Once the feature is set up on desktop, Undo Send settings will apply to the Gmail mobile apps for iOS and Android. An Undo link will appear at the bottom of the screen and remain there for however many seconds you selected on the desktop. Tap Undo to be returned to your draft.

How do I expand all folders and subfolders?

Expand All Folders in Windows Explorer

  1. If you want to expand all the folders and subfolders for a particular drive, click on that drive and press. the ‘ * ‘ key on the numeric keyboard.
  2. Expand individual highlighted folders press ‘+’