What picks does JD Simo use?

What picks does JD Simo use?

10-. 46 strings, which I change every day and work great for me. I use Dunlop Herco Holy Grail Picks, which I love and are a little old-school. I started out using old Marshall amps, which was a lot of fun, but now I’ve settled into using black-faced Fender amps, using a Princeton here.

What gauge strings did Eddie Van Halen use?

Initially, Eddie used his own mixture of Fender strings, heavy on top, lighter on the bottom. This ended up not working very well, so instead Eddie Van Halen changed to a regular set of strings. He used Fender Heavy Strings to begin with, later on changing to Fender 150XL gauge strings.

What gauge strings does Matt Bellamy use?

Matt Bellamy (Muse) is an extreme case, who uses medium 10-46 gauges combined with a low . 60 for his 6th string.

What happened JD Simo?

JD Simo just released his first solo album, Off At 11, and toured the US and Europe with his new band. This Chicago-born, Nashville-based musician channels sounds from traditional blues, acid rock, folk, soul and more. JD Simo and his new band will soon be opening for the Allman Betts Band on their inaugural tour.

What gear does Matt Bellamy use?

Vex Fuzz Factorys, a Comet Ray Gun Phaser, a TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger, a Digitech Reverb, a Skrydstrup MR8 Loop System, a TC Electronic G-Major 2, a Line 6 Echo Pro and a Korg SDD 3000, famously used by The Edge, as well as a Korg KAOSS pad to further manipulate his guitar signal via the touch pad on his …

What synth does Matt Bellamy use?

Arturia Prophet V synth
Matt Bellamy has an Arturia Prophet V synth built into his guitar, courtesy of Fishman and Mind Music Labs | MusicRadar.

Who is JD Simo bass player?

During lockdown in ’20, he started cutting tracks in his makeshift studio on a weekly basis. Joined by longtime collaborator Adam Abrashoff on drums and the addition of longtime friend, bassist-producer-engineer Adam Bednarik (Justin Townes Earle), they mused a proverbial soup of shared influences.

Where is JD Simo from?

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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