What does the term Annex mean and why did the US want to annex Hawaii?

What does the term Annex mean and why did the US want to annex Hawaii?

America is annexing Hawaii. Americans who want Hawaii to be Annexed, Hawaiians who want their country to be annexed- They want the annexation to happen because it means another state is added to the U.S. and they want to gain more territory.

What was the main reason for annexing Hawaii?

Ultimately, annexation was achieved due to the perceived threat of the Japanese invasion. Waves of Japanese came to the islands in increasing numbers to work in the sugar trade. U.S. military leaders feared potential Japanese occupation of the islands and created a strategic naval base in the center of the Pacific.

What happened with the annexation of Hawaii?

With the passage of Hawaiian annexation in 1898, her control of the throne was permanently lost, and Hawaii became a U.S. territory. After a referendum in which 93% of Hawaii voters supported statehood, Hawaii became the fiftieth U.S. state in 1959.

What does it mean to annex a state?

annexation, a formal act whereby a state proclaims its sovereignty over territory hitherto outside its domain. Unlike cession, whereby territory is given or sold through treaty, annexation is a unilateral act made effective by actual possession and legitimized by general recognition.

Why was annexing Hawaii a controversial decision?

The story of the annexation is a story of conflicting goals as the white businessmen struggled to obtain favorable trade conditions and native Hawaiians sought to protect their cultural heritage and maintain a national identity.

What is the best definition of annex?

An annex is an extension of or an addition to a building. As a noun, an annex is part of a building or an addition to a main structure, or it can be an attachment, as in “an annex to the current plans.” When used as a verb, the word means something a little different.