What happened to Craig James career?

What happened to Craig James career?

Radio and television career After his retirement from play in 1989, James went on to become a radio analyst for SMU college football games, then was the sports anchor for KDFW-TV. James also appeared as an analyst on ESPN’s Thursday-night package as well as other college football programs such as College Football Live.

Who was the Pony Express SMU?

Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson was the No. 1 running back recruit coming out of high school in the country. He eventually committed to Southern Methodist University, where he shared a backfield with running back Craig James.

What caused SMU death penalty?

The most serious violation was the maintenance of a slush fund used for “under the table” payments to players from the mid-1970s through 1986. This culminated in the NCAA handing down the so-called “death penalty” by canceling SMU’s entire 1987 schedule.

How old is Craig James?

60 years (January 2, 1961)
Craig James/Age

Did Mike Leach lock a player in a closet?

Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech football coach, is an offensive genius; though many see him as unorthodox, most geniuses are. Mike Leach was accused of locking his former player, Adam James, in a “Shed” and an “Electrical Closet” for over three hours at a time while the player dealt with a concussion.

Did Craig James take money from SMU?

Asked at a news conference whether he’d taken money or valuables from boosters, James said, “It was an insignificant amount that I had when I was at SMU. James declined to specify what gifts he accepted and how much money, nor from whom. “It was insignificant. It was never,” he said, halting in mid-sentence.

Is SMU still under death penalty?

The SMU case was the first modern “death penalty” – that is, the first one utilized under the “repeat violator” rule. It is the only modern death penalty handed down to a Division I school. At the time, it had been on probation seven times (including five times since 1974), more than any other school in Division I-A.

Did Craig James play in the NFL?

Craig James (born April 29, 1996) is an American football cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Southern Illinois….Craig James (defensive back)

No. 31 – Philadelphia Eagles
Career history
Minnesota Vikings (2018) Philadelphia Eagles (2019–present)
Roster status: Practice squad

How old is Bill Steffens?

70 years old
Steffen, who is 70 years old, moves into his new role of Chief Meteorologist Emeritus.

What was Mike Leach accused of?

Leach was fired in December 2009. He was accused of mistreating a player – which Leach denies. Leach claimed he was fired the day before he would have been owed $800,000 in longevity. Later he claimed that Texas Tech owed him $2.4 million.