What muscles are supplied by Subscapular artery?

What muscles are supplied by Subscapular artery?


  • subscapularis, supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles.
  • latissimus dorsi muscle.
  • serratus anterior muscle.

What does the suprascapular artery supply?

The suprascapular artery supplies the supra- and infraspinatus muscles and travels with the suprascapular nerve. It is a direct branch from the subclavian artery (12%), the thyrocervical trunk (27%) or the internal thoracic artery (11%).

What nerve runs with Subscapular artery?

It courses posteriorly to the suprascapular notch of the scapula, accompanied by the suprascapular artery. The nerve passes through the notch deep to the transverse scapular ligament, whereas the artery passes over the ligament. The suprascapular nerve then travels deep to the supraspinatus, which it innervates.

Does Subscapular artery supply to breast?

The lateral thoracic, acromiothoracic, and subscapular arteries are all branches or sub-branches of the axillary artery and may all contribute to the arterial supply of the breast.

Where is the subscapular artery found?

axillary artery
The subscapular artery is the largest branch of the distal part of the axillary artery. It runs inferiorly at the posterior axillary wall, following the lateral margin of the subscapularis muscle.

What artery supplies the rotator cuff?

The major arterial supply to the rotator cuff is derived from the ascending branch of the anterior humeral circumflex artery, the acromial branch of the thoracoacromial artery, as well as the suprascapular and posterior humeral circumflex arteries.

What does the suprascapular artery Anastomose with?

subscapular artery
As the artery passes over the superior transverse scapular ligament, it sends a branch into the subscapular fossa, where it ramifies beneath the subscapularis, and anastomoses with the subscapular artery and with the dorsal scapular artery.

What artery is located in the armpit?

Axillary Artery: This is a continuation of the subclavian artery. This artery travels deep in the arm pit, feeding muscles and bones around the shoulder with its branches. It eventually turns into the brachial artery.

What does the recurrent radial artery supply?

The radial recurrent artery provides blood supply to the elbow joint, brachialis, brachioradialis, and other forearm muscles. The anterior ulnar recurrent artery is the first branch of the ulnar artery.

What does the Thoracoacromial artery supply?

Through its four main branches, the thoracoacromial artery contributes arterial supply to the pectoralis major and minor muscles, the anterior part of the deltoid muscle, and dermal sensation overlying the clavipectoral fascia 2.

What arteries supply breasts?

Blood is supplied to the breast from the following vessels:

  • The thoracoacromial artery.
  • Internal mammary perforators (second to fifth)
  • Lateral thoracic artery.
  • Thoracodorsal artery.
  • Terminal branches of the intercostal perforators (third to eighth)

Which lymph nodes drain the breast?

Breast tissue is drained by lymphatic vessels that lead to axillary nodes (which lie in the axilla) and internal mammary nodes (which lie along each side of the breast bone).