Does ERI confess to Harima?

Does ERI confess to Harima?

Tae is the first rival that Eri encounters for Harima’s affection. When Harima confesses to Eri, Tae arrives to bring him home, causing Eri to misunderstand their relationship. During the Sports Festival Arc, Tae clarifies her relationship and gives Eri encouragement to pursue her interest in Harima.

Who does Harima get with?

Harima: Harima loves Tenma. This is his first and only driving force from episode 1 to 282. Everything he does he does as an attempt to get closer to her.

Does Tenma like Harima?

Tenma doesn’t necessarily have a crush on Harima, though has shown compassion for him throughout the series. Harima is the “pervert” that saved Tenma from bullies. When Harima takes her to his home and puts her to bed, she grabs him and says “I love you” even though she was half-asleep.

Who does ERI end up with in school rumble?

She appears to be married to Harima in the future with a new baby in the last chapter of School Rumble Z. Eri makes her debut appearance in chapter #7 of the manga (Episode #1 in the anime).

Who does Mikoto end up with school rumble?

Haruki Hanai In the parallel world story, School Rumble Z ch. 5, Mikoto and Hanai eventually say their vows and get happily married and Mikoto becomes pregnant. She wishes that Hanai would spend more time with her, as he neglected her at times but still loved her.

Can Yakumo read minds?

Yakumo has an ability to hear the thoughts of people who have a love interest in her. This happens often throughout the story, creating awkward moments for her. Her psychic ability is a slight deterrent as it keeps her from developing feelings for most guys.

How many seasons does School Rumble have?

Series overview

Season Episodes Format
School Rumble 26 TV
School Rumble: Extra Class 2 OVA
School Rumble: 2nd Semester 26 TV

Who did Mikoto like?

Mikoto originally loved and respected Takemikazuchi as if he was her own father. However, her love for him soon became that of a lover. She loves him romantically and is often shown to be jealous when she sees him with another woman.