Does the CZ P07 have a safety?

Does the CZ P07 have a safety?

The models equipped with a decocking lever are, in most cases, the best choice for most shooters wanting a handgun for defensive purposes. Safety or Decocker…. take a look at the CZ P-07 Duty. The “Duty” comes with ambidextrous decocking levers installed but it includes a set of manual safety levers in the box.

Does CZ P07 have a decocker?

The safety and decocker are interchangeable components. Meaning you cannot run both at the same time. With the safety on the gun will not fire(not da, not sa, not halfcocked). Wlith the safety you would generally run with the hammer back and safety on.

Is the CZ P07 discontinued?

CZ P-07, 40 S&W — Discontinued 2018 Discontinued 2018. Introduced in 2009, the CZ P-07 was the first handgun to feature the convertible Omega trigger system.

Are there any downsides to the CZ P07?

The CZ P07 uses a slide stop that also acts as a takedown lever. The slide stop is quite large and one of the biggest downsides of it is that it sits so far forward. You most likely will not be able to drop it using your thumb. If you plan on dropping the slide using your thumb, you will likely have to break your grip.

What makes the CZ P-07 / 09 series unique?

A unique bonus is the option for users to easily convert the manual safety configuration to decocker and vice versa, while the controls remain ambidextrous.

Where is the decocker on the CZ P07?

Not only does the CZ P07 slide stop forward position hinder your ability to reach it, but also the decocker or the thumb safety will sit in front of the slide stop obstructing access using your primary hand thumb.

Can You mount a red dot to a CZ P07?

Now if you want to mount a red dot to your CZ P07 there is, unfortunately, no factory option. But there are a variety of custom shops that will do the work for you and we’ll discuss that more later. One unique thing about the CZ P07 is the Omega trigger system which means you can run the gun with a decocker or thumb safety.