Who originally sang since you been gone?

Who originally sang since you been gone?

Rock guitarist Russ Ballard originally wrote Since You Been Gone and released it in 1976. He was the lead singer and guitarist for the band Argent, but became more known as a songwriter and producer. The version recorded and performed by Rainbow three years later in 1979 is a hard rock anthem and reached No.

Who was the vocalist on Rainbow since you’ve been gone?

Vocalist Graham Bonnet
Rainbow “Since You Been Gone” Vocalist Graham Bonnet Opens a New Book | Sound & Vision.

When did the song since you been gone come out?

Since U Been Gone/Released

What is the highest note in since you’ve been gone?

It has a chord progression of AM–EM–F and Kelly’s vocal range in the song spans two octaves from the low note of G3 to the high note of G5. Film Laureate of Blogcritics praised “Since U Been Gone” for its “high energy, vocally powered, pop/rock jam with a hook that is infectious.”

Who is the singer of Rainbow?

Ronnie Romero

When did Coldplay release yellow?

“Yellow” earned Coldplay their first top-five hit and a Brit Award nomination for best song of the year following its release in 2000. The song, along with “Trouble,” “Don’t Panic” and “Shiver,” was one of the standout tracks from “Parachutes”, which was released on July 10, 2000.

Did Kelly Clarkson wrote since you’ve been gone?

Max Martin
Dr. Luke
Since U Been Gone/Composers

What year did since you’ve been gone come out?

Why did rainbow break up?

Blackmore subsequently decided that Bain was substandard and fired him in January 1977. After the release and extensive world tour in 1977–78, Blackmore decided that he wanted to take the band in a new commercial direction away from the “sword and sorcery” theme. Dio did not agree with this change and left Rainbow.

How did Coldplay Yellow?

Yellow, the British band’s first top-five hit, came out in 2000 and was later awarded a Brit Award for Song of the Year. Its video, filmed at Studland Bay, Dorset, was shot entirely in slow motion and features frontman Chris Martin walking alone along the beach.