What was the movie Stromboli about?

What was the movie Stromboli about?

Lithuanian Karin (Ingrid Bergman) flees her war-ravaged home country and winds up in Italy, where she’s sent to an internment camp. There, she meets Antonio (Mario Vitale), a POW who’s just been freed. They enjoy a brief romance, punctuated by Antonio’s marriage proposal, and Karin, seeing her chance to escape the camp, accepts. But Antonio takes her back to Stromboli, the volcanic island he lives on, and Karin struggles with a language barrier, brutal living conditions and her outsider status.
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Where was the movie Stromboli filmed?

The film, shot in 1949 on the Aeolian Island of Stromboli (Sicily), was surrounded by an aura of scandal, sparked by the “clandestine” love affair between the director and the lead actress, Ingrid Bergman (who got pregnant during the movie).

Who is Ingrid Bergman married to?

Lars Schmidtm. 1958–1975
Roberto Rossellinim. 1950–1957
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Did Ingrid Bergman have a son?

Roberto Rossellini
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What is the meaning of Stromboli?

nounplural noun stromboli, plural noun strombolis An Italian American savory pastry typically made with pizza dough and filled with meat, cheese, and other ingredients. ‘we ordered the veggie lasagna and a classic stromboli’

What happens to Karin at the end of Stromboli?

After collapsing in hysteria during her escape attempt – sobbing “Enough! I’m finished! I haven’t the courage!” – Karin falls asleep, and awakes the next morning to find the volcano now silent; apparently having arrived at a state of inner peace, she declares “Oh, God.

Did Ingrid Bergman leave her husband?

Bergman had left her husband Dr. Petter Aron Lindström and daughter Pia back home in Sweden, though they later joined her in the US.

Who is Ingrid Bergman son?

Is stromboli German?

Stromboli is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north coast of Sicily, containing one of the three active volcanoes in Italy.

Who was the director of the movie Stromboli?

Stromboli (film) Stromboli, also known as Stromboli, Land of God ( Italian: Stromboli, terra di Dio ), is a 1950 Italian-American film directed by Roberto Rossellini and featuring Ingrid Bergman. The drama is considered a classic example of Italian neorealism .

Why did Ingrid Bergman replace Anna Magnani in Stromboli?

A change in production company occurred when Ingrid Bergman replaced Anna Magnani as leading actress. The original company reacted by using the same plot for another movie, Vulcano (1950), shot at the same time and in nearly the same places as Rossellini’s movie.

Who is Karin in the movie Stromboli?

Bergman plays Karin, a displaced Lithuanian in Italy, who secures release from an internment camp by marrying an Italian ex-POW fisherman, (Mario Vitale), whom she meets in the camp. He promises her a great life in his home island of Stromboli, a volcanic island located between the mainland of Italy and Sicily.

Is the Extempore method in the movie Stromboli?

In Britain, The Monthly Film Bulletin was also negative, writing that Rossellini’s “extempore method is sadly out of place in a film dealing with personal relationships and, although there are indications that Karin is intended to be a complex and interesting character, these are never developed, and her motives and actions remain unpredictable.