What is Microsoft Partner Agreement?

What is Microsoft Partner Agreement?

The Microsoft Partner Agreement provides Microsoft partners with a unified, digitally accepted partner agreement. All Cloud Solution Provider program partners (including indirect providers, indirect resellers, and direct bill partners) can sign the MPA online in Partner Center.

Does Microsoft have any partnerships?

Microsoft Partner Network or MPN, formerly known as the Microsoft Partner Program or MSPP, is Microsoft Inc.’s partner network which is designed to make resources available to a wide variety of technology companies so they can build a business around Microsoft technologies.

How does Microsoft Partner Program work?

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) gives you the widest range of products in the industry and program options to differentiate your business, go to market, and sell your solutions. Join at no cost, then choose how to invest in your partnership with a Microsoft action pack, starter kit, or competency.

What is Microsoft cloud agreement?

Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) is a transactional licensing agreement for commercial and government organizations seeking to fully outsource management of their cloud services through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Sell cloud products and partner offers in one monthly or annual package.

How do I get a Microsoft partnership?

9 steps to get started partnering with Microsoft for US Partners

  1. Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  2. Manage your membership.
  3. Activate your referrals, IURs and more.
  4. Access training and work toward a competency.
  5. Build a cloud practice.
  6. Utilize sales and marketing resources.
  7. Program incentives.
  8. Support is just a click away.

Who are Microsoft biggest partners?

Microsoft’s Top 350 U.S. Partners

Company Tech Focus Geographical Presence
BDO USA Accounting, SI, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP National
Bennett Adelson SI, Azure, Cloud, Dynamics Central
Bentley Systems Inc. SI, MSP, Manufacturing International
BKD Technologies Accounting, Dynamics National