What is the definition of the name Caprice?

What is the definition of the name Caprice?

Caprice as a girl’s name is pronounced ka-PREESE. It is of English, French and Italian origin, and the meaning of Caprice is “whimsical, playful”.

What does Jenny the name mean?

Meaning of the name Jenny Jenny was first used as diminutive of the name Jane. It is a pet name of Jennifer. The Celtic meaning is ‘lady of the people’ and the Hebrew meaning is ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful’

What is the origin of the name Caprice?

The name Caprice is primarily a female name of French origin that means Impulsive, Whimsical.

Is Caprice a good name?

Caprice is not a very popular female name in the U.S. For instance, only 27 baby girls were given this moniker in 2013, ranking her at position #5003 in terms of popularity. There is only one year when Caprice actually made America’s Top 1000 list – 1966 – and we wanted to know why.

How do you pronounce Caprise?

Since there are many other English-speaking countries, there are many different ways people pronounce Caprese. Typically, the most American way to say it is “kuh-prey-sey.” Other English-speaking countries, like England and Australia, will say “kah-pray-zee.” However, neither of these are right.

What does the name Jenny mean spiritually?

God has been gracious
In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Jenny is: God has been gracious. A feminine form of John. Also a Fair and yielding.

Is Jenny a rare name?

Only about 350 baby girls are called Jenny on their birth certificate annually these days. Jennifer and Jenna are still the preferred forms of Jenny, but Jenny is a sweet, youthful option as a stand-alone name. According to Forrest Gump, Jenny is “the most beautiful name in the world.”

Is Jenny a popular name?

Jenny is a short form of Jennifer. Jen and Jenny are considered short forms of Jennifer but Jenny has been used as an independently given name in its own right. Jenny is most popular in Norway today where the name is ranked in the Top 25.