Is Telecasted correct?

Is Telecasted correct?

The past tense of telecast is telecast or telecasted. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of telecast is telecasts. The present participle of telecast is telecasting. The past participle of telecast is telecast or telecasted.

Is Telecaster a word?

tel·e·cast n. A television broadcast.

What is telecasted program?

A telecast is a programme that is broadcast on television, especially a programme that is broadcast live. [US] COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What is the difference between broadcast and telecast?

As nouns the difference between broadcast and telecast is that broadcast is a transmission of a radio or television programme aired to be received by anyone with a receiver while telecast is a television broadcast, especially outside of a studio.

What are the three forms of telecast?


present simple I / you / we / they telecast /ˈtelikɑːst/ /ˈtelikæst/
he / she / it telecasts /ˈtelikɑːsts/ /ˈtelikæsts/
past simple telecast /ˈtelikɑːst/ /ˈtelikæst/
past participle telecast /ˈtelikɑːst/ /ˈtelikæst/
-ing form telecasting /ˈtelikɑːstɪŋ/ /ˈtelikæstɪŋ/

What is the v3 of cast?

Conjugation of verb ‘Cast’

Base Form (Infinitive): To Cast
Past Simple: Cast
Past Participle: Cast
3rd Person Singular: Casts
Present Participle/Gerund: Casting

What is the meaning of Stratocaster?

noun. A trademark for: a model of electric guitar manufactured by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, with a distinctively shaped contoured body featuring cutaway sections in the lower and upper parts near the neck, and a scratchplate which extends to the area of the pickups and volume and tone controls.

Is the meaning of telecast?

: to broadcast by television. intransitive verb. : to broadcast a television program.

What is broadcast programming and why is it important?

They are used to deliver shows to audiences when they are most likely to want to watch them and deliver audiences to advertisers in the composition that makes their advertising most likely to be effective.

Is live TV actually live?

Live television is a television production broadcast in real-time, as events happen, in the present. In most cases live programming is not being recorded as it is shown on TV, but rather was not rehearsed or edited and is being shown only as it was recorded prior to being aired.