How do you clear the e16 error on a Bosch washing machine?

How do you clear the e16 error on a Bosch washing machine?

-Press and hold the spin reduce option button. -Whilst holding it, turn the knob to the 7 o’clock position. -Continue holding the spin button for about 5 seconds. -Release the button.

How old is my Bosch washing machine?

First, Locate the Serial Number Inside the door or on the side panel of your dishwasher, you will find strings of numbers and letters hopefully still legible after years of use. One of these numbers is beginning with the letters FD. This is the serial number you’re looking for.

What is the key symbol on Bosch washing machines?

When the child lock is activated, there will either be a key symbol or a “CL” symbol in the display and all the washing machine buttons will be disabled. To deactivate the child lock, press and hold the start button for three to five seconds.

What is E16 error on Bosch washing machine?

Washing machine troubleshooting: error code E16 or F16 These error codes indicate that the door is open. Please close the door and proceed as usual. If you’re still getting the error after closing the door, please verify it’s properly closed.

How do you unlock a Bosch washing machine?

Here is how to unlock it-

  1. Press and hold the start button for three to five seconds until you hear a beep and the key symbol disappears.
  2. Another way is to press and hold the “rpm” and the “finished in” buttons together until you hear a beep and the symbol disappears.

Which is the best feature of the Bosch washing machine?

The AntiWrinkle feature is the latest innovation by Bosch which reduces wrinkles up to 50%. Tested & certified by TUV, the function can be used in tandem wit most washing programs to deliver perfect washing results without damaging fabric.

How does the I DOS system work on a Bosch washing machine?

The new Bosch washing machines with the automatic dosing system i-DOS set the precise amount of detergent for you, down to the nearest millilitre – and it only takes the touch of a button. Precisely dosed detergent not only protects your laundry, but is also good for the enviroment and your bank account.

Which is the largest Bosch front loader washing machine?

Introducing our largest capacity washing machine yet! Our brand new Bosch 10kg front loader has room for more washing than ever. Despite the large capacity, this model has a 5 Star Energy and 4.5 Water Rating – for a reduced impact on both the environment and your energy & water bills.

How does the Bosch washing machine reduce wrinkles?

Less Worries. Presenting Bosch washing machine with an all new AntiWrinkle feature to reduce Wrinkles by up to 50%. When it comes to dosing detergent to your laundry, there is not much to think about anymore.