What is TachoSil made of?

What is TachoSil made of?

TachoSil is a topical fibrin sealant patch consisting of human fibrinogen and human thrombin coated onto an equine collagen sponge. The active side of the patch is yellow in color due to the presence of a colorant riboflavin (E101); and the non-active side is off- white in color.

Is TachoSil a fibrin sealant?

TachoSil is a fibrin sealant patch indicated for use with manual compression in adult and pediatric patients as an adjunct to hemostasis in cardiovascular and hepatic surgery, when control of bleeding by standard surgical techniques (such as suture, ligature or cautery) is ineffective or impractical.

What is TachoComb?

TachoComb® and TachoSil® are widely used fibrin sealants for tissue adhesion/closure during different types of surgery, including liver, lung, cardiovascular, gynecological, and urological. TachoComb comprises a collagen patch coated with human fibrinogen and bovine thrombin and aprotinin.

Who owns TachoSil?

Corza Health
GTCR, a leading private equity firm, announced today that its management partnership with Gregory T. Lucier, Corza Health, has simultaneously acquired and merged Surgical Specialties Corporation (“Surgical Specialties”) and the TachoSil® Fibrin Sealant Patch (“TachoSil”) to create a new company, Corza Medical.

Where is TachoSil manufactured?

Takeda will continue to maintain the ownership of TachoSil’s manufacturing facility located in Linz, Austria. The company has also entered a long-term manufacturing and supply agreement, under which it will continue to exclusively manufacture TachoSil products and supply them to Corza.

How do you use TachoSil?

Place the yellow, active side of TachoSil against the wound. Hold down TachoSil with a gentle pressure for 3-5 minutes. Use a moistened glove or a moist pad to keep TachoSil in place. For minimally invasive surgery, the pre-rolled matrix can be un-rolled with instruments at the site of application.

What is a Floseal?

FLOSEAL is an effective adjunct hemostatic agent proven in a wide-range of bleeding scenarios1 with a proprietary combination of two independent hemostatic agents. 1, 2. As a leader in hemostasis, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for surgeons.

How do I defrost Vistaseal?

Thaw VISTASEAL pre-filled syringes inside the sterile field in a sterile thermostatic water bath at a temperature not higher than 37 ºC [99 ºF] using the following steps: NOTE: Once the VISTASEAL blisters are opened, use the product immediately during surgery.