How does a 5 gas analyzer work?

How does a 5 gas analyzer work?

The exhaust gas stream goes into the inlet part of the detector and then an infrared light beam is shot through the gas sample which is bounced off of an optic filter. Then the gas sample will exit the detector. The three gases that the detector focuses on are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.

What does a 4 gas analyzer?

The Bridge Analyzer 4 gas analyzer measures Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Fuel Dependent Hydro Carbons (HC), and Oxygen (O2). When the Zero is complete, the analyzer is ready to measure exhaust emissions gas. There are three power input options which will recharge the internal batteries.

What does gas analyzer measure?

An exhaust Gas Analyzer is a device used to measure exhaust gases caused by combustion. Also known as an emission gas analyzer, it effectively measures different gases present and gives readings about their content.

What causes Highco?

Carbon Monoxide is a by-product of incomplete combustion. Carbon Monoxide exceeding maximum limits, can be due to a number of emission failures ranging from inadequate air intake to defective engine computer sensors. This condition is referred to as a “Rich Fuel Conditon”.

Why is a 4 gas analyser needed?

Firstly, you’ll need a report from your 4 gas analyser showing the 4 gas values of CO, CO2, HC, O2, as well as a Lambda reading. The two values that are missing from the MOT test are CO2 and O2, yet these are extremely important in assisting a diagnosis of any emissions fault.

What are the types of gas analyzer?

Types of Gas Analyzers

  • NDIR or Non-dispersive infrared differential gas analyzer – This is a tool which can measure air samples of CO2 or carbon dioxide.
  • Residual gas analyzer – This has been designed for monitoring vacuum system contamination.

What is the principle of blood gas analyzer?

Blood gas/pH analyzers use electrodes to determine pH, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, and partial pressure of oxygen in the blood. Chemistry analyzers use a dry reagent pad system in which a filter pad impregnated with all reagents required for a particular reaction is placed on a thin plastic strip.