What is a cap table example?

What is a cap table example?

The capitalization table shows each investors’ equity capital stake in the business, which is calculated by multiplying the share price by the number of shares owned. For example, startups run several funding rounds to support capital needs. They also issue stock options to attract talent.

How do you make a capitalized table?

How to Make a Cap Table

  1. Authorized shares: Number of shares the company is allowed to issue.
  2. Outstanding shares: Number of shares held by all shareholders in the company.
  3. Unissued Shares: Number of shares that have not been issued.
  4. Shares reserved for stock option plan: Unissued shares reserved for future hires.

What does a good cap table look like?

Keep it Organized and Simple. So your cap table should really be a collection of ledgers that includes the following at a minimum: Stockholder name as it appears on the security instrument (e.g., stock certificate, promissory note) Date of issuance. Date of disposition if the security is no longer outstanding.

What is a VC cap table?

A VC Cap Table (capitalization table) is created by venture capital partners and their legal teams to provide a summary of the investor and employee ownership in a startup or venture-backed business.

What is cap table for a startup?

A cap table, or capitalization table, is a chart typically used by startups to show ownership stakes in the business. It lists your company’s securities (i.e., stock, options, warrants, etc.), how much investors paid for them, and each investor’s percentage of ownership in the company.

Is a cap table confidential?

Because the cap table provides a clear picture of a company’s worth, it’s vital for the table to be accurate at all times. With so many people having access to the cap table, it poses a security risk for highly confidential business information.

Does an LLC have a cap table?

Most LLCs create cap tables that list the names of all investors along the y-axis and the type of securities along the x-axis. You can also consider a pre-made template that just needs you to input specific figures and information.

What is included in cap table?

A capitalization table (or “cap table”) is a list of all the securities your company has issued and who owns them. Securities include stock, convertible notes, warrants, and equity grants.

Do you include options in a cap table?

The cap table should include an option ledger that records additional information, such as grant date, exercise price, vesting schedule, and the number of shares granted, vested, exercised, exercisable, cancelled and outstanding.

Should employees see cap table?

Cap tables help maintain the calculation of market value. Employees holding shares can see their value in real-time. A historical insight into cap tables provide a sense of the business health and could provide the much needed competitive advantage at attracting investors.